1. JANE


    • AssMuncher

      Is that the response you get when you attempt that same pose?

    • As the occasional voice of experience…

      If any you youngin’s think that ass is “ew” you clearly have not had sex with more than one woman – if at all. Seriously, while you’re young and the girls are looking for as committal much fun as you are, try dating a girl with this body type. The curvy squishiness takes a bit more strength, but good god they are amazing from a purely sexual stand point …that soft curve from the wait to hips…to front of the thighs then turning them around…and grabbing…uh, I gotta go, do some…stuff with…dusting…the uh…yeah.

  2. Kojak

    She has an amazing ass for a british woman…

  3. Sardonic


  4. Sweet Mother of God…

  5. AKnowles

    Making up for a lack of dimples on her face i guess

  6. Quasi

    I’m just imagining the damage I could do to myself with those….

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