1. puddleduck

    Oh GOD!

  2. aria

    ok maybe sh is getting too thin, but i look back and when i was 14 i was the same skinny and i ae whatever i want i was five nine and very skinny people would ask if i ate, i did, more than them probably…maybe shes just skinny?

  3. erin

    she’s about to be 18 though…a little more into puberty than 14…i’d be very surprised if she was just skinny

  4. martin

    She just need a boyfriend, thats all…
    then she would eat more constantly.

  5. undercover

    Now I am not as certain as to which Lohan sister will die first…I thought Lindsey was a shoe-in.

  6. Lissa

    This is not a case of being young. She’s over 5’5, and she weighs like 100lbs. Do the math. This is called an eating disorder.

  7. Mike Hawk

    There’s nothing natural about her weight at this moment AND her skeletor-like structure has nothing to do with her age. She used to weigh at least 15lbs more, probably closer to 20, until recently. As someone else mentioned on the original post, she wants to pursue a career as a model and has obviously dropped a significant of weight in her pursuit…and I’m gonna go ahead and guess that, by the looks of her, it wasn’t done healthily.

  8. G

    Paper or Plastic?

  9. nomo

    She looks like a horse.

  10. Weaselmouse

    This is what I’ll look like when I get cancer one day.

  11. Lexi

    She looks great!!! Keep the weight off Ali.

  12. Buddy the Elf

    N A S T Y.

  13. Wait…Zombies are real!?

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