1. MEMSS


  2. Steelerchick

    Meth face for sure!

  3. I’m seeing a miserable and undernourished Anne Hathaway. Possibly with an evil bionic claw hand.

    • TomFrank

      For everyone who complains that Anne Hathaway needs to look more like Kelly Brook, let me point out that things could have just as easily gone the other way and you’d have gotten this.

  4. fandy

    thats not a girl….no way

  5. Oh Hell No

    What happened to her fantastic boobs????

    • Lindsay forced her to go through breast reduction surgery because they were taking attention away from hers. Ali should have known it’s all about Lindsay.

  6. decalex

    is this real life?

  7. decalex

    Wait, I have another:

    Hey, it’s Anne hathaway’s older brother!

  8. Bam

    I think she’s absolutly gorgeous, beautiful hair, face and she looks quite tall. But i have to admit that she looks like a dude on this pic.

  9. Robin

    Yay eating disorders are so fun you guys!! Nothing a little spray tan and dye job, and apparently a shit ton of make up can’t fix.

  10. messenger

    that’s not a person, that’s a robot. dead serious. they’ve been replacing a lot of celebrities lately…. look at that hand. look at the dead eyes. she’s not real, it’s pretty obvious if you use common sense and don’t drink up all the lies from the media.

  11. Ricky Gervais

    She’s actually way better looking than Lindsay now. So the only logical conclusion is plastic surgery.

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