1. flabbergast

    well… she didn’t inherit her sister big ol’ titties. Shame, Lindsay went from being hot a few years ago to basically looking like the crypt keeper with boobs thanks to her drug addictions… that or Samantha Ronson’s Pussy/Penis melts faces.

  2. Someone should tell this guy that the long hair isn’t an attractive look for men anymore.

  3. BrandiLye

    She looks cute. Skinny, though.

  4. Coulda sworn George Harrison was dead.

    • Fisticuffs

      Now this is probably the funniest post I have ever read. Ive been staring at the picture and laughing for about 20 minutes.

  5. lkj

    Did she get her implants removed?

  6. alex

    Poor kid is wasting away. She NEEDS a parent.

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