1. Louwww

    Russell Brand sure did lose a lot of weight

  2. Truk

    It looks like Lindsay got to the cat food bowl first.

  3. fandy

    lol…….he is trannying on the side for heroine money….poor Russell

  4. Isa

    She used to have big boobs like Lindsay :S

  5. anonymous

    lol – that is one ugly girl

  6. subdural hematoma

    so is Ali Lohan like her mom or something?

  7. I am looking at this picture then I look to the right of the screen and I see LeAnn Rimes and God help me If I am not thinking that LeAnn is looking hot.

  8. RosetteMagdalene

    I love how the side of the screen says “Ali Lohan Looking Healthy” She looks anything but healthy! She looks anorexic! And I think she looked a hell of a lot prettier before :/

  9. welldoneson

    Odd how, as the face shrinks, the nose remains the same.

  10. hijkmno

    she looks like samantha ronson

  11. Robert

    Ali Lohan is the Inner Coke addled- emaciated Lindsay finally let loose.

  12. ThighHighs

    She has the elongated body of a 6 years old girl. What is up with that?

  13. XRogue101789

    Common misconception guys. That’s not Ali Lohan. It’s a giant marble statue that has been treated with sea jasper, quartz, rose quartz, and meteor dust. Totally different.

  14. Shawne

    Just PATHETIC!!! She was so beautiful before. If she didn’t have a plastics work over, then just EAT girl and take in more sun. Soon, you’ll be back to that beautiful girl before. On the other hand, if she did have a plastics work over, then that heartless person(s), who ill advised her should be ashamed of themselves advising that this poor girl turn herself into a washed- out ,old looking hag. Why do I care? Because, I hate to see someone being bamboozled in matters that concerns their overall outlook, welfare and emotions. People need to be told the truth, cared for/about and loved, no matter who they are and where they come from. So, so, sad!

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