1. Misana

    so she couldn’t have worn better underwear? Nobody wants to see it…

  2. jerkin

    fk that. i want to see her panties.

  3. Jeffiner

    white trash at it’s finest. looks like she just stepped out of her travel trailer.

  4. Venom

    This chick is going to die, this is really not healthy.

  5. Ell

    That’s right, Lindsay. I’m back in the cutoffs!!

  6. It’s too bad she was born with that face! It’s quite pathetic & she can’t even buy a pair of pants that fit!

  7. For just the cost of one cup of coffee a day you can provide a Z-list celebrity with all the needed nutrition that a can of red bull and bootleg pharmaceuticals can provide.

  8. spartacus

    Muuuuuuuum! I don’t wanna walk all the way over there, my leg bones are burning

  9. Blech

    Oooh, the caption said “recently released” not “recently deceased.”

  10. an

    Their mother has done a great job …

    • Frank Burns

      Sheesh Dina, even Kris Jenner lets her kids eat. How about boosting Ali’s lettuce ration up by an extra leaf this week?

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