1. SIN

    Crack whore looking to trade sex for drugs. Just like her big sister does.

  2. Mr. Burns: SMITHERS! Help me lift my leg to kick this bumper!
    Smithers: I wore no shirt today because I love you.

  3. rican

    “Earlier today, Hawaii cops busted two heroin addict, homeless street prostitutes for kicking cars, public nudity and disturbing the peace.”

  4. ballgame

    Whose the other girl?

  5. catapostrophe

    “Dude! Like, don’t kick me.”

  6. hollie

    what the fuck is this

  7. afon

    these are the most awkward photos i’ve ever seen. thank you so much for making my day a little brighter. :3

  8. chuck

    I think it’s kinda sexist that people won’t shut up about Ali but this bony little guy next to her gets a free pass.

    • WTH?!

      I know…they look like two crack heads!

    • lana

      @chuck actually i was just looking at this guy with her and thinking how gross he’s so skinny it’s disgusting.and ali has an eating disorder i swear their mother should be put in jail for what she has done to her daughters.

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