1. Chris

    Wow, Ali’s looking a little haggard. :(

  2. Grinder

    If these are pictures of Ali Lohan … she should sue her doctor.

  3. SpooNMan

    The fuck?
    Hell, who am I kidding… I’d still hit it. :(

  4. Papshmeere

    What about some photos of Monica Bellucci in the Venice Film Festival? She looks ABSOLUTELY F***ing HOT there

  5. YourMom

    Wow. I bet Lindsay is pissed that Ali is the hotter sister now.

  6. KC

    She’s never looked better.

  7. kingofbeer

    shave and a samich…sayin…

  8. Subrata

    desnect into alcoholism, Dina is working her younger daughter too handing teenage Ali Lohan over to modeling sharks amidst speculation that the 17 year old has had cosmetic

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