1. G!NY

    He’s smoking HOT!!!! grrrr

  2. chuck d

    homo afeita su axilas

  3. nope

    naked is how I like him best

  4. WOW

    God DAMN is he hot.

  5. Viggo Mortensen’s buff baby brother.

  6. Woofus

    I would hump that

  7. ebb

    HOT DAMN…he is DAMN HOT.

  8. Ominnominnom…delicious!

  9. Becs

    He’s so tall and hot, but in interviews he’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO goofy and awkward…. which makes him so much hotter. Cocky guys are gross.

  10. NBC

    woow!! haha when my friends said he was hot they really meant it!! wow he is HOOOOOTT!! ddaaaaammmnnnnnnn hahahah wow got me blushing!

  11. chelsea

    i’m all wet and wiggly now. unfffffff this guy is gorgeous

  12. Rina

    Um, I hate to tell you all, but that pic is not of Alex. It’s his face on some model’s body.

  13. linda

    to bad he’s gay

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