1. “Yeah, well this is imported Italian nylon.”

  2. Viggaz

    THAT is the very definition of a Trouser Snake

  3. Piper

    My cervix hurts for some odd reason.

  4. get a grip. it’s just the way the pants are laying. NOT his dick.

  5. I clicked “View Full Size” and it took me to a satellite photo of Stockholm.

  6. Betty

    I don’t think that is his kit and kaboodle, HOWEVER…. on the DVD commentary of Generation Kill, James Rasome says Alex’s private part is HUGE! If you haven’t seen it, there is a scene where Alex goes to the bathroom outdoors and I guess he showed all. Also a guy who goes to the same gym as Alex says he would be perfect for the role of Christian Grey for obvious reasons.

  7. Boop

    I see 3 penises

  8. I knew a guy at my last job that was hung like that and always wore tight jeans. Somebody pointed it out one day and once seen, it could not be unseen.

    This guy also insisted on saving himself for marriage, so it was a total waste.

  9. Friday Jones

    My dick is so big, IT has a dick. And its dick is bigger than your dick.

  10. How hilarious that some of you morons think that’s a schlong. LOL

  11. maryellen

    If that’s his week, it has a very odd curve to it

  12. maryellen

    If that’s his ween, it has a very odd curve to it.

  13. gigi

    those are pants folds…. besides, unless a chick is multi-orgasmic, size is irrelevant

  14. Jen

    As we say in Sweden: the apple doesn’t fall far from tree. Don’t take my word for it, check out Alex’s dad Stellan in Breaking the waves. Full frontal and hung like a horse. Alex just lucked out in the gene lottery. They don’t call him Viking Dong for nothing…

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