1. rantatonne

    Soon to be heard, “HEY!!! HE’S RAPING ME!!!!” followed by “Heeyyyy, he’s raping me”

  2. Say goodbye to what used to be your vagina, lady.

  3. chrissie

    does anyone else think these 2 were together and being VERY careful about being seen that way? isn’t she the russian model from the Calvin Klein shoot…..

  4. That chick is so fucking stupid! She cut her shorts so short that her pockets are hanging down. Blondes.

  5. Whit

    That’s Anne V, Adam Levine’s ex girlfriend.

    • INFO

      Anne V? LMAO… she wishes… that famewh@re who will try to sell herself to anybody to get press ;)
      No that’s Caroline Winbers, a way better looking girl and a Swedish supermodel.
      Anne V can go jump a cliff now, thank you.

  6. nisse

    no, that is caroline winberg, a swedish model (done victoria secret facshion show etc)

  7. instahater

    In every picture like this, there is a skarsgard lurking in the background, looking rapey.

  8. Why is Alexander staring at that young boy in the yellow shirt?…That’s beyond creepy!

    • INFO

      Alex is Bi… He is widely believed to be Nevis Devine Moniker.
      He likes both ways so he probably likes the guy too.

  9. Those are the ugliest little-kid legs I’ve ever seen on an adult woman.

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