1. lol

    Ugh he’s so HOT.

  2. codapea

    They are starring together in a movie called The East.

  3. mike

    She has the body of 12 year old boy,lololol…super short, no boobs, nothing…she doesnt look female!

  4. flatspottin'

    Love that picture, their smirks make me laugh.

  5. Jen

    Not pictured: me on the floorboard with my face in his lap.

  6. I like her a lot more than anyone else he’s banged, but I have a feeling he wouldn’t be her type. 1. He’s not a woman 2. They could never have normal sex, just the occasional mushroom stamp to mark his property.

  7. She’s so tiny, I’ll bet he put his dick in soft and listened to her bones break as it got hard.

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