1. RisingDragonFist

    Good on her for the dedication and will power.
    Hate-filled catty remarks to follow, I’m sure

  2. Anon

    When you’re paid millions to be skinny, the people who pay you pay for a trainer to make sure you stay skinny.

    If all women were given a trainer and got paid because they were thin, then most of them would be. It’s ridiculous to expect a normal woman who can’t afford a nanny and who doesn’t make a living off of her body to look this way even 6 months after a baby.

    • RisingDragonFist

      It’s ridiculous to expect a normal woman to show self-reliance and the ability to maintain a healthy diet and exercise? Gotta disagree there.
      I know plenty of women who drop the weight without nannies and sponsors, and it’s because they know they only have themselves to blame if they don’t, so they tend to focus more on their goal instead of finding excuses.
      Now if you’l excuse me, I believe there are some JNL bikini pics on the front page that require my attention.
      /cast ObjectifyWomenWithBigBoobs

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