1. pizza

    i get the c-section scar above her right hipbone, but what’s up with the scarring around her bellybutton?

  2. Weird Al

    She has no curves. I don’t mean fat; I mean sexy hips, hourglass, cleavage etc.

    These pics are planned so she looks good. She has to twist, arch her back to create the illusion, wrap her hands around her chest to get cleavage.

    Here’s her real bod in the unscripted pics (and these are the “meatier” ones):

  3. The General

    Dude, who does your web design? Why do I have to have the full page reload just to see the next picture. Can’t your half-wit designer copy some code from a site that actually works? In all seriousness, I love this website. I love your horribly offensive editorials and asides. I love the awesome pictures. Basically I love the content, but I loathe the way it’s arranged. Please spring for someone that knows what they’re doing.
    I started copying the image url and manually editing the number of picture to go through the photos attached to the post. It’s actually faster to do that than to use the site itself. WTF!!!

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