1. Yapa

    this is disgusting.. i dont understand how she can be call a model..

  2. GNDtn

    Ugh. If she didn’t have a bikini bottom on you could see all the way to her uterus. That’s horrific. I didn’t know there were people out there with literally no ass.

  3. Tommy Lee's Cock

    I’m just going to assume that any negative comments are from jealous fat girls.

    • Alyssa

      nah, dude
      Just taste.
      She’s pretty, sure, but there are SO many prettier girls.
      The last picture of her “walking room” has me cringing.
      Melissa Miller > Alessandra any day

  4. wawaweewa

    i’m not digging that humungous space in between her legs

  5. aristotrash

    It actually looks like she has had the fat in her inner thighs sucked out. Skinny or not, something about her shape seems unnatural.

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