1. Smapdi

    That wheelchair lady looks pissed that Alec stole her blanket.

  2. Nix

    Quick, someone punch him in the face!

  3. Shuckles McFuckwit

    Right, so when a celebrity gets tired of paps trolling them and loses their cool, they are “rage-filled idiots,” but when paps troll celebrities and give them a hard time, they’re just doing their jobs?

    You’re an idiot.

  4. Sherlock Holmes

    Bitches just love bitching about bitches. That covers it.

  5. Stryfe

    I think he’s just in character for a Rodney King bio-pic.

  6. BK5000

    I’m pretty sure he is just looking for ways he and Geena Davis can scare “the living” out of their house, you guys.

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