1. swalton

    “You said you’d do what to my daughter?”
    “Let’s see how you’d like it then”

  2. aj

    That guy needs jail time.

  3. get out your checkbook Alex…that looks like at least a $100K face plant.

  4. doozyy

    I think this is the only pap attack he’s done that I think was semi-justified. I wouldn’t allow anyone to chase me around after I just had a baby lol

  5. rican

    “I’m gonna do you like I do Travolta!”

  6. Greenie

    Alec Baldwin: Alright buddy, you know the drill. Spread ‘em and ….whoa whoa whoa, what do we have here? A fake ID and about…I’d say *sniffs* three ounces of 100 percent Brazilian Cheeba. Look man, nothin’ personal. But you’re going to jail. Nothing gets me harder than getting punks like you off my streets.

    Man: Sir, I’m not… who you… think I am… I’m just you’re valet.

    Alec Baldwin: I’ll tell you who you are, buddy, you’re a fucking thoughtless little pig. That’s who you are.

  7. Vlad

    I’m not a cop, I just play one on TV

  8. “Does this windshield look clean to you?”

  9. dikBeater

    Get em alec! The fucking paps are seriously invasive. Beating these douces and smashing their cameras should be legal.

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