1. Kal

    I used to work at starbucks. That actually is a WC with a line through it which means no whip cream and SFCF means Sugar Free Carmel Frap

  2. Al

    Could also be Strawberries & Creme Frap. Either way it’s still made with whole milk and lots of sugar.

  3. Ashley

    Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s STCF–Strawberries and creme frappuccino

  4. Samantha

    I think it’s a strawberries and cream frap too

  5. me

    it IS strawberries and creme, sugar free caramel would be CRF with a SF placed in the syrup box.

  6. fdlhjdb

    haha who cares what it is, obviously it’s working for her cause she looks great

  7. anon

    i used to work at starbucks. thats a no whip strawberries and cream frappucino, further proof is the color of the drink. don’t know how shes getting skinny if shes drinking those.

  8. Fati87

    For Gosh’s sakes, maybe this is the first frap she’s had in a while. Getting skinny doesn’t mean denying yourself all little pleasures completely. On a separate note – ewwwww, her fingers are gross enough to make me puke!

  9. Thank you, Fati87, for noting the MethHead, chewed-down nails. Nice touch, Ditchpig, err, Brittany. Lowering the bar for Louisiana, yet again…seriously, we are not all like this…some of us pee in toilets.

  10. Thecommentator

    You guys should all be detectives.

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