1. Misana

    mucho fake-o

  2. Kishan

    Ha ha

  3. She has the body of a chick who used to be a perfect 10+, but then had a couple of kids and still thinks she’s a 10, but in reality is just thick.

  4. 8----->()

    ahh wtf id take her home hotter than that farrah chick. that was a chick right?

  5. daniel

    she’s hot stop hating

  6. Delilah Janssen

    Everything else looks great but please, her boobs look fake so how is this a perfect bod?! There are women who haven’t had any surgery and still look better than she does.

  7. Soviet Snow

    I see the marks where she didn’t quite clear the southern border fence.

  8. xesteme

    right one is bigger

  9. Im a lefty


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