1. Juju

    Honestly… What the fuck? Did he just superglued his hands to the fucking pole or something?

  2. Dina Crackwhore

    This is the definition of digging for gold.

  3. You know, most of these picts for me were, “Hey, a few awkward poses prior to a handy in public by a cute girl.”

    Then, this one. This one right here:

    “Pull the sea cucumber out slowly…slower. Yes.”

  4. dmbishop

    I know my cell phone is in here somewhere…

  5. Mordecai

    “You made a poopy like a big boy!”

  6. Shaving ass hair takes help from a friendly hand.

  7. Urall Fhags

    Jesus, I bet the sex is…..weird?

  8. MickeyFig

    Im not sure if I like this or not…

  9. Pink Slime

    what does she expect to pull out of there? a hotter dude to fuck?

  10. Meh

    Ummmm, what?

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