1. wat

    Hot for a attention whore.

  2. grobpilot

    You know, Fish, a week or so ago, you told us that “There are still nipples on the Site, folks”. In that time, I don’t think you’ve posted a real nipple. There was a mistaken nipple, a covered snatch, blowjob lips and big tits. But still no nipples. And yes, I have figured out how to get rid of the red stars so, I didn’t miss anything. Boob aficionados such as myself have come to expect much more from you. Monday’s a few days away. That gives you the weekend to peruse any number of sources for celebrities who want to show us the goods (female only, please) and smack us in the face with all of it Monday morning. Thank you.

    • billy

      i dont care about real nipples or no real nipples whats annoying is that Fish, for awhile now, has been getting soo fucking L.A.Z.Y. he’s half assing everything and posts only once in awhile. i hope you have another job and thats the excuse cause if not get off your ass! more than half the time that i read something on the superficial someone else knows something more updated about the same thing from reading perez hilton. dont make me start looking at his site Fish, dont do it.

  3. Bill

    I like it when people talk to website creators like they now them.

  4. Cardinal Fang

    Nice sweater kittens.

  5. Richard Throbbin

    She’s got an AMAZING BODY, not sure why anyone says otherwise. Fake cans, meh.
    Nice face too. Definitely worth a load sprayed upon it.
    Peter Brady should hold on to her until ONLY death releases his tight grasp upon her fake bagos.

  6. nina

    i dont understand why men think her face is nice? i agree that her body is really hot, i am sooo jealous of it!!! but her face…. NO!!!

  7. J Dog

    I’d shoot my load on her stomach.

  8. bud

    What a butterface.

    • chuck

      butterface” adj. (but-her-face). an admiration towards a woman and various body parts. “I’d like to #@$! every part of her butterface.

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