1. jolie

    why’d she get kicked out ? that’s a great AEON FLUX COSTUME ! =p

  2. welldoneson

    was aeon flux a brazilian commando?

  3. Jim

    What nonsense! There’s nothing showing. And so what anyway..

  4. Neopopulas

    She didn’t get kicked out. She was denied entry until she put that red scarf on because she was basically wearing less than a thong to start with which was not deemed appropriate surrounded by kids

  5. MonikkaMarie

    is EVERYTHING, including behavior by childless people, in places NOT geared to young children, governed by rules and standards as if young children are present? We pay taxes for people’s children, put up with their temper tantrums throughout our dinners. Now, at ComicCon it’s ooooooo, don’t corrupt the children! Princess Leia’s bikini was more revealing in front, but no censors there. I think they just got carried away. Go Adrienne!

  6. Dude

    Looks Great

  7. She should wear that to exxotica expo in Vegas.

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