1. Jason

    If she can suck as hard as the Aeon Flux movie did, count me in!

  2. Ugh

    No one else who could pull off Aeon Flux so well would try or then go to Comic-Con. They made a mistake.

  3. Bongo

    I’m calling shenanigans, if they allow Princess Leia Slave Girl costumes then there’s nothing wrong with what she had on.

    • Taco

      The ass is covered on that but of course. America fucking does it again. They wear less in France. I don’t think I’ll ever be proud to be an American

      • YoAdrianne

        Good, we dont want you, friggin traitor! Go back to France, Mexico, or whatever third rate shit eating fucking country you desire!

      • Contrary Mary


      • suckmycock

        YoAdrianne, Contrary Mary and LL are simply retards… they are proud that America is obese, they support our failing economy, and they voted for a loser prez that blames everyone except himself… why don’t you three go find work instead of camping out at Occupy Wall Street protests, you sorry excuse for Americans?

      • MrMr

        Taco, What a name, Yes I a m a proud American & a Vet. You are a fucking loser.
        SuckmyCock Wow What a name.Serious when was the last time you had a good BJ and no, lip stick on the top of your hand does not count………And your two comments shows that you really studied hard for your G.E.D,. And along with Taco, you are a Fucking Loser
        And Audrey a few comments down, Yes with out a doubt.

      • lisam

        omg you’re really going there??? shes beautiful and looking at sum of the other outfits there there was no reason for for what they did >>losers must be running the show there now..

    • LL

      hey Taco go to Mexico then you can be proud, poor but proud.

      • Colby Lucero

        i love how whenever racist people try to be witty they compare people to food items. taco, beaner, chocolate, it all sounds so delicious. f=Fat, unintelligent, prideful for no reason, rednecks are my absolute favorite. i bet the rear window of your truck is covered in some kind of american eagle fading into american flag applique.

      • Nick

        Hey Colby *you stupid fuck* the guy’s name is TACO. I love how whenever STUPID (or liberal) people disagree with someone they throw the word RACIST around…

      • Clam Jam

        Who knew that so many trolls who undoubtedly spend their days masturbating for hours in their parent’s basements basements while viewing this site…who knew all THOSE GUYS would be patriotic? Its almost as if they love ‘Merica just as much as they love death gripping the shit out of their dicks while looking at celebrities who will never fuck them.

  4. arnieblackblack

    I bent my wookie…
    (wookie being a metaphor for penis) (bent meaning furious masturbation followed by a hollow, empty feeling whilst cying)


    That is one sexy woman

  6. anokneemouse

    Oldnoob | July 25, 2011 at 10:08 am
    That was BS. She did not get kick out for wearing slutty out fit. There were hundreds other cosplayer wear less than her. She got kicked out because she was charging people 20 bucks per picture and have some fat chick grabbing people’s camera who did not pay.

    I saw her Saturday in con and didn’t know who she was. That custom was shittyly made.

    • NicePlayCall

      yea, the only people that pay her any attention are the world of warcraft and comic-con nerds (using nerd in a good way), so she did this on purpose, same with the whole playing games naked or whatever, shes desperately trying to be relevant, its sad really, and quite pathetic

  7. jill

    licking another girls boob…..she swore to her husband she wasny a lesbian. Quit lying to yourself your a lesbian

  8. sakura

    Uh… Did anyone see the Daenerys Targeryan cosplayer? She was wearing nipple pasties in the shape of nipples.

  9. deckercat

    nerds everywhere are raising their free hand in protest, but still shaking both fists.

  10. okiedokey

    Adrianne curry is a Jewfucker

  11. gigi

    that sux… and this is the animation Aeon Flux too! not the namby pamby Charleze Theron version – go Adrianne!

  12. okiedokey

    sloppy jewish seconds.

  13. Mike

    Oh yeah

  14. love it-andriane-xxxxx

  15. Dick

    As a dirty old creeper man don’t see anything wrong in her wearing this. The powers that be are starting to make my manhood grow big hard & horny.

  16. bimbosmakemelooksmart

    just wait until you see my lingerie…. *cracks whip*

  17. suckmycock

    America has double, triple, multiple standards… sh!t, there are no standards in this country coz we simply suck… our economy sucks, our prez sucks big time… if they had to resort to kicking her out when other fat chicks walk around in skimpy outfits with their asses hanging close to the ground, jiggling like jello and creating local earthquakes as they walk past, then some of you losers deserve to be jobless and homeless coz this country keeps f–cking up while other countries do better… “proud to be an American” has now turned to “proud to be retarded”

    • MOMOE

      maybe you should move then yeah??? You have so much hate…ha ha lol then LEAVE….and if you do not like FAT chicks…don’t look..its simple…yes I know it isnt attractive…I don’t like it either BUT they have the right to do that…I think the main issue here was that children go to that event…no matter how hot a guy or girl is..whenever I see an ass all it makes me think of is giant turds and ass cheese coming out and it grosses me out..

      • Audrey

        This whole thread is hilarious! I really haven’t read anything this entertaining on the internet, in a very long time. On a serious note, I have to agree with Momoe on that you, “suckmycock” (very clever name by the way) really need to get the hell out of this Country if it’s so terrible. We all know this Country is going to shit. We don’t need a guy with the a screen name like “suckmycock”, who spells “because”, “coz” to tell us. Repeatedly. Go to the Middle East, or Cuba or, Mexico. Because no other countries have double standards… especially in the Middle East. Everyone is created equal there. They have all kinds of jobs and money and all their rulers are super-nice dudes. Oh and no fat chicks. And, you just called yourself a retard. Retard.

  18. MOMOE

    The shoes ruined it for me

  19. Sapphire

    This chick hasn’t been playing with a full deck since her stint on ANTM.

  20. Redeye

    Fuck the jew

  21. ComicCon doesn’t need her. Keep her out. Lots of hot chicks already.

  22. prissy

    i thought she was gone! haven’t missed her. that nasal whine…

  23. DesertCreature

    OMG. . . I thought that read, “Ann Curry got kicked off ( GMA ) for wearing this at Comic-con


    Oh I would LOVE too get her and the friend that was on her and the Brady guys show. Anyone remember they took a shower together? Oh fck me good, you two BEAUTIFUL ladies. Don’t you know Ms. Brady Is a hornnyyyy one, she Is….

  25. neeciepeace

    I would kick her out—simply for being Adrianne Curry. Ignore it—don’t feed it—maybe it will just go away.

  26. silentstan

    attention seeking low life

  27. Neil

    There were just too many straight men suddenly stricken with the worst cases of priapism and blue balls ever seen, so she had to go.

  28. testname


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