1. rusty

    I can’t fap to this photo with the old geezer there!

    • Shelly Wiseman

      LMAO! Your right hes a old nasty fuker hands down. Remove him from the Photo as no-one here wants to see him or ANYONE Except The Super Hot & Sexy Adrianne Curry!!! ;-P

      PS. Stand Lee is a stupid comic book writer and a Communist LOSER as well!! SO take your so called respect and stick it where the sun don’t shine poo-boy…………………

  2. Turd Ferguson

    That looks like STAN LEE!?
    Not just some old guy.

  3. Cockslinger

    Dude. It’s Stan Lee. Show some fucking respect.

    • fatguyinalittleshirt

      the young one’s just don’t know.

      • Shelly Wiseman

        And you being a “fatguyinalittshirt” shows your JUST AS BIG A LOSER as Stan Lee… Or possibly even a MUCH BIGGER LOSER then stan lee. Get a life D-BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cock Dr

    Somewhat disturbing.

  5. miDnIghtEr20C

    That’s why they call him “Stan the Man”!

  6. Grafikman

    Poor old Stan. Probably felt the faintest stirrings of a boner, then it vanished into the ether like a bird fart. Nice zombie arms tho…

    And love how her grin seems more like gritted teeth -”When is this guy gonna let GO?”

  7. charlie

    Make Mine marvel!

  8. Wait… Booze Molestor was Stan Muthafuggin’ Lee?
    This is all wrong, man…
    The news should be: “Stan Lee’s hand was molested by some Leia impersonator’s ass, to which he nodded in peaceful tolerance”.

  9. Sarakiel

    lol…stan the man!!..

    Wonder if he shouts excelsior much like that Hadoukin guy……hmm

    I wonder if she’s an actual geek girl, or if she just knows who her audience is really really well….

  10. YU go girl keep huggin old dudes some we can beat this overpopulation rumor. Did he have a heart attack or no? Dr.

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