1. friendlyfires

    The diamonds are real, the breasts … not so much.

  2. stefany


  3. Maner

    friendlyfires you are an idiot, they’re definitely real.

  4. hater...there i said it!!!

    i dont believe!! its just a skin coloured bra with a loada cheap lookin plastic “diamonds” around it! two million??????!!!! and i really dont want to sound like a ‘feminist activist’ kinda thing…but there literally are children starving in the world and some feckin eejit is paying some other feckin eejit to wear a piece of crap bra!! i swear, i cant stress enough how im NOT a anti-celebrity type of woman…but this is actually ridiculous!!!!

  5. hater...there i said it!!!

    i thought there was a recession???

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