1. stacy

    How many days of photoshopping did it take to remove all that fat from this pig?

    • flaT

      Jealous, or just retarded?

      So what if she’s a big girl? Is she a model? No. Does she show off her body or sell her body or anything else? No. She sells her voice, and she has an amazing one. It’s not her fault she gets photoshopped into oblivion.

      Also, your further comment goes on to – attempt – to say that she can’t sing. (I say attempt as you can barely write.) This isn’t even remotely true. I have heard her acapella through her studio recordings – untouched, as well as live a couple times… as well as her live album. All of which are flawless and impeccable in sound – especially if you can get yourself a 24bit rip. So maybe you should stop being so fucking bitter and suck it up. She’s famous, not you, get over it or swallow a bottle of advil.

      • stacy

        Then you are tone deaf.

      • flaT,

        So what if she’s a big girl? Good question. Why did Vogue find the need to photoshop 60 lbs off of her for the cover?

        When you’re sharpening up your female righteous outrage over unrealistic female body image issues, keep in mind it’s womens magazines, women models, and women themselves who perpetuate this shit. Men just don’t give a shit. Most men are fully capable of calling a chick fat, and still taking her down to the boneyard.

  2. bvd

    adel is a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. why the lash-out stacy? you must have some serious confidence issues about your own body image, you seem like a very, very UGLY person….

    • stacy

      I have listened to this woman sing accapella amd she is HORRIBLE. She can’t finish words, her voice is raspy from smoking and by herself, she sucks. She HAS to have background vocals and instruments to cover her obvios vocal flaws.
      If you didn’t know who it was and heard her sing alone without any background music or vocals, you would cringe and wonder who let that person think they could sing.

      • a short haired girl

        so you justify calling her a fat pig because you don’t like her voice. totally makes sense.

      • To be fair, her voice was raspy from bleeding vocal cords, not from smoking. She had rather serious surgery to repair the damage and has only in the last few weeks been able to sing normally…which honestly, she does quite well.

        All that being said, she is a fatty. big ‘ole fatty.

  3. a short haired girl

    fuck you, vogue.

  4. Isla di Gigolo

    Yes, this photo is clearly photoshopped. Whoopty do!!! Mom, I’ve got something to talk about today to my friends!!

    …Get a fucking life.

  5. Nicole

    It would look way better untouched, this looks so unnatural. She’s a pretty girl as is. Vogue just made their magazine look shallow from this cover.

  6. stacy

    MOOOO!!!! No wait. How would you say moo with a British accent?

  7. ctti87

    Yuck. She looks as if she underwent not just lipo but also a facelift & multiple Botox injections from an overenthusiastic surgeon. Seriously, Vogue – even fat Adele looks better than this.

    And stacy – get a fucking life. Yes, she’s fat. But as flaT pointed out, she’s not a model. She’s not paid to look good in swimwear or lingerie, she’s paid to sing. And she does a hell of a good job. Your unappreciative ears may think a raspy voice = lousy singing but that just means you’re a moron. I’ve listened to her sing a capella & she sounds just fine. So take your bitterness & shove it.

  8. fupa

    how to say MOO with a british accent…STACY

  9. Earl

    This what the world wants, they dont want to know the truth. She has fat rolls,clogged pores and smells after eating White-castles. I see average people when Im looking at Hollywood, its just hidden under pounds of makeup and modified by programs. I met reporter once that was smoking hot, she had wicked bad breath. Big buzz kill but what do you expect.

  10. Sarah

    What kind of world do you people live in that someone else’s weight is a topic of conversation at all? That is very depressing to think about. The only way I can wrap my head around these comments is assuming that you are all in that awkward pubescent stage where all that matters is looks. It’s so shallow. And by shallow, I don’t mean unfairly judgemental– I mean empty. Your lives must be very empty.

    • drake

      Umm, earth? What planet do YOU live on? Because where I come from (earth) how much a celebrity weighs is like half what everyone talks about. Don’t crucify anyone here for displaying signs of human nature. And you’re the one who clicked on an article that is obviously about, you guessed it, someone’s weight. Who’s shallow now?

  11. Sarah

    Oh and by the way, guess whose life isn’t empty? Adele’s. Fat girl got 6 Grammy’s. How many Grammy’s do you have Stacy? Must be several, with such high self confidence as yours.

  12. katie23

    Sarah shut the fuck up and get a life fit the love of God

  13. Turd Ferguson

    She looks better fat. The photoshopped picture makes her look like that ugly bitch John Travolta was in love with in Saturday Night Fever.

  14. Hannah

    Anne – Wonderful wdeidng guys!!! Lovvvee the picture with tyler in front and the groomsmen and the bubbles. Also of course matthew yet again being an embarassment Congrats you two!!!

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