1. Jezebel

    I’m uncertain as to what bearing her weight has on her vocal performances? She doesn’t come across as a famewhore, so what is the purpose of fat jokes?

  2. Racer X

    I’d wreck that.

  3. aznative

    she’d be a total babe if she lost weight….her eyes and complexion are amazing!

  4. Stewie Griffin

    Imagine what she would look like if she stopped puking!

  5. Mayara

    I don’t understand why people pick up on Adele, she isn’t like those fakes singers that can’t sing and just appeal to the body all the time. The important thing to become a good singer is able to sing and have a beautiful voice, and she has it all. She may be overweight, but she has a pretty face and an amazing voice.

  6. lila

    Agree with Mayara. I think Adele is beautiful and talented, a great artist. She’s comfortable in her skin, so what’s the point?

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