1. katie

    like, where are the arms comin from tho??

  2. lutefisk

    looks like she is behind him with her face in his ass.

  3. miguelito

    I prefer the first shot. This one looks like girlfriend is probably rimming esophagus.

  4. Woofus

    I was secretly hoping his junk couldn’t be covered by two small hands

  5. Zombie Kitty

    He is SHMOKINNNNN!!!!!!

    I wish I was on shlong duty *sad face*

  6. mimi

    what a fat ass.

  7. adonistic

    very nice! Thanks, tsf!

  8. GirlieGirl

    No, thanks, he is most likely circumcised…eww.

  9. TomBrady

    Go go gadget ass-hands!!!

  10. Me

    Thank you.

  11. just here for laughs

    Yes, thank you veddy veddy much!

  12. YETI


  13. bubbles

    i LOVE this guy. this is awesome

  14. crankymiss

    Dicks grow hands?

  15. megs

    so we finally get to see the hands that has been squeezing his balls all through his singing career

  16. Ho.Lee.Shit

    Oh my GOD! I would destroy this guy. Yes, please.

  17. Some chick

    Uh, he is SO hot. I wish those were my hands.

  18. beba

    black kiss”

  19. ELH

    Does he have a clubfoot or something? He is tipped sideways, while those hands are pointing up. They may be the only thing straight in this picture.

  20. MJJ

    For her sake, I sure hope he doesn’t have gas…

  21. I know that position. It’s called the “trunk-monkey”.

  22. spinal

    This picture is well into uncanny valley for me. I know it’s photoshopped, but those hands aren’t attached to a human body. They look like they’re growing out of his ass. Combined with the wonky nipples and cold dead eyes, I’ll be sleeping with the lights on tonight. Thanks.

  23. Melissa

    I would sell Britney Spears kids on the black market to be those hands. That is if she hasn’t already brokered a deal for a frappucino and 6 bottles of ranch first.

  24. Crind

    That man has the best tattoos and bod that are not on an mma fighter

    • Culchah Vulchah

      Hrm, nearly every fighter wears some variation of the blase chest-shoulder-sleeve uniform and this supermodel would barely make flyweight. MMA what?

  25. Io

    he’s not depicting some hindu deity? if it’s it’s for prostrate cancer why is he not bent over spreading his asscheeks?

  26. grimmie

    Please tell me he farted right after this was taken! That would be epic!

  27. krisha

    hahahaha hairs everywhere!!! yuck

  28. Gab

    Whomever’s hands those are… her face is in his a$$.

  29. Jesus

    God damnit, not the Human Centipede again

  30. Jenny

    About time fish put some hot men up. Damn!

  31. marie

    Oh let this be my hands!!!!

  32. Crys

    HAHAHAHAHA i literally am laughing out loud. what a douche.

  33. Charles

    I hope he didn’t shit on her

  34. vix

    I now cast “ASSHANDS!”
    Feel free to walk around naked without remorse.

  35. ChoCho

    Wow, I’m kinda envious of ol’ girl doing the covering…

  36. Kats

    I hate how ‘man-scaped’ he is. Look how furry his legs are then look at how trimmed down the chest is. It’s creepy.

  37. shayna

    I wish those hands were mine…

  38. suck it

    i like her manicure…lol

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