1. Hemingway

    I take it they’re re-making Swamp Thing? WHEN WILL THE COMIC MOVIES END?!?

  2. Necrosis

    She’s getting too fat!

  3. bassackward

    Moments later, D-Whores shorts burst into flames, due partly from the toxic material she oooozed into them, but mainly due to the intense friction from those Thunder Thighs…..
    (Not pictured)

  4. sharon

    Can we pay this beast to stop wearing shorts???? ugh my eyes

  5. Doc Schweinstrudel

    wow those hmm mm hmm leeegs

  6. derp

    deena is by far the ugliest, fattest, grossest and most obnoxious of them all.. why did they have to add her??

  7. Doesn’t she have a bridge to guard?

  8. javi

    Deena?? her name is way too much for her. Her name should be “OOF” or just “fat”

  9. cousin it

    family of 10 could eat off just her thighs for a week

  10. blonde

    Can she even FIT in to Fitch clothing?

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