1. SHUT IT

    my dream used to be punching his face till he’s KO, but then I met Pete Wentz. Annoying little fuckers!

  2. Rick's Daddy

    White dude looks like he’s posing in a Prison Yard for his penpal buddy.

  3. kayk

    Am I the only one who hears the cops theme song?

    bad boys bad boys, what’cha gonna do…..

  4. chelsea

    what the hell is wrong with him, he looks disgusting. seriously, he reminds me of an alien in a shitty sci-fi.

  5. Blondy

    Just… yuck.

  6. jerkchickenhater


  7. Jesus

    Good job, Aaron Carter. This is the perfect picture for the new faces of meth ad.

  8. Ominous Bob

    Like a meth addict?

  9. Willy Wonka

    I’m not gay, but I’d let him go balls deep in my ass…

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