1. Becca

    I totally read and love’d that book “The Good Soldiers”! Explains the turn of events that happened with the Bush Adminstration..well just read it trust me! I like this look better, even those people are givng him alot of grief. I’d feel very out of place if meeting him in a bar or something all glamour and glitz but this look make him seem normal. Like I am going to get some coffee and read my book so leave me the heck alone. He is branching out into other roles and people are used to seeing this cookie cut sex image. If you going to make it in Hollywood there has to be more than sex. Obviously by seeing what Mr. Skarsgard is reading he likes different things. I wonder if the books he reads are for future roles. Totally would loved to have a conversation with him about that!

  2. wYndYdaY

    I’d scream for him to F me very much – there is only this man actor would make me feel that way. F me…

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