1. El Jefe

    Smile you are not half as ugly as your sister Rumer.

  2. Yippee cafe, cofffee drinker!

  3. Cock Dr

    Yikes……scary person in hoodie. Load up the guns.

  4. Wow, she looks really excited to be there. Maybe she just hadn’t heard that DJ Elijah and The Hoff showed up.

  5. bonerfest2011

    Bruce Willis’ genes just weren’t meant for producing daughters.

  6. That look says “I’m still waiting for the nurse to come back for the rape kit”.

  7. hoopd

    “Wipe this pathetic planet from the face of the galaxy!”

  8. Sin

    She has it backwards…again. Show the body, hide the face.

  9. missglitterarty

    The Sith was there?!?!?

  10. She’s not as ugly as Rumer, so that’s something. Who wants to send the Terminator back in time to kill all of Bruce/Demi’s female children? Those genes are only for boys. Act now and we’ll elimnate the entire Kardashian family for free.

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