1. She’s pissed because Huey Lewis and the News dedicated “Hip to be Square” to Rumer.

  2. maeby

    Does she EVER wear shoes??

  3. What a happy looking child. She’s sure living the good life. Good job, Bruce & Demi.

  4. “All it is is coffee. Why do people keep asking me if it’s a ‘demi-tasse’?”

  5. Pretty sure if I saw this coming toward me I would assume it was the zombie apocalypse and run at it with a shovel.

  6. JohnBoss

    The really sad thing is she’s the “good looking” sister.

  7. carol rules

    man, what a bummer to be one of the demi/bruce girls. they should have had boys. and those knees…their parents didn’t do them any favors.

  8. carol rules

    i would hate to be a girl and have bruce willis’ face.

  9. JANE

    Why is it that rich children always look homeless? Is that supposed to be stylish?

  10. nanunanu

    You know how people say that good-looking people “won the genetic lottery?” What is the opposite of winning the genetic lottery? Because that’s what happened here.

  11. mbcl

    it’s Treychin Martin

  12. Looks like the Walk Of Shame knows no boundaries.

  13. box

    She’d probably be a lot hotter if some of that face mass was distributed more evenly. I mean is there a surgery that could take some of that excess chin weight and redistributes it to her knees so they no longer looked like tiny little Bobby Hills? Seriously, look at her knee caps, they look like Bobby Hill’s face.

  14. Fix your fucking sour face.

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