1. maeby

    Why’s he taking a drug test at a music fest?

  2. Deacon Jones

    Wow, that girl is a grade A piece of ass.

  3. Marie

    He should of gone dressed as Jessie, you know he would be at that shit yo!

  4. sil


  5. meh

    Somehow he dates the HOTTEST girls, he generally has a thing for brunettes though. He used to date Jessica Lowndes. As a girl I seriously wonder how he gets ‘em.

  6. mbcl

    where’s george zimmerman when you need him ?

  7. Babygirljer

    That’s his fiancĂ© Lauren :)

  8. Luvher8

    He gets the hot babes because he is incredibly sweet, charming, and funny. He’s actually an amazing person and just happens to be ridiculous talented as well.

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