1. shit taco

    she looks great for the most part

  2. girly

    She looks really good…but its only a matter of time until she gets white thrash again…

  3. Top banana

    That’s some body she has there. Great legs! She’s looking good, she actually looks very healthy.

  4. Woofus

    I think she looks pretty good too. Actually happy

  5. omg

    her weight fluctuates soooo much

  6. sdf

    I dont care what u say, cause Id still lick her anus.

  7. yowillie

    Works for me.

  8. Britney is my guilty pleasure. She’s so trashy. Not very bright and probably even smells bad by the end of the day, if not early afternoon. But gawd-DAMN she is attractive…

  9. mel gibson

    not a jew = Mel like

  10. Mr. Spears


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