1. Maeby

    did she get a new pair of boobs?

  2. Coyote

    She Makes Oprah look like Twiggy

  3. laing

    Holy bubble butt!

    • IKE

      I think in the 80s that was an insult….thus, the Jordache and Guess (ass-less) jeans popularity.
      Today, it’s kinda “in” have a round ass. Kate Hudson probably got called that a bunch when she was young. NOW…that “bubble butt” is considered rather appealing.

  4. laura

    she is hot i don’t care what u say!! WAAAAAAH. and love those shoes- meow!

  5. Ben Dover


  6. The Brown Streak

    She was great in Married With Children

  7. Ugh

    A male hair dresser who had sex with a lady-type? I’ll believe the OJ story before I’d believe that one.

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