It’s A (Photo) Boy!

As most of you probably noticed when your day wasn’t capped with Sara Jean Underwood, or more importantly, updates on Richard Grieco’s exact location, Photo Boy is going to be off for a little while. And that’s because he’s now the proud father of a bouncing Photo Boy Jr., who arrived yesterday afternoon at 7 lbs. 7 oz. and with the absolute pimpenest name that I’m not telling any of you. On that note, this site is probably the last place you want the birth of your first child announced (Second one? Eh.), so to bring it down for a second, I just want to say that Carmen is the most loyal, selfless, hardworking person that I’ve had the honor of being friends with, and he and his wife are going to be incredible parents. Now go click on something so they can afford diapers. Go on, git.

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