Phoebe Price in a bikini (She’s famous. I think…)

June 9th, 2008 // 119 Comments

Phoebe Price is a model/actress (Aren’t we all?) seen here on the beach in Malibu. I’m not familiar with her work, but I’m noticing Phoebe’s skilled at pretending she’s going to show you her vagina then, just kidding, not really. Interesting. My date to prom pulled a similar trick. Except she was hiding her penis, so what’s Phoebe’s excuse? El Niño? HA! I went there. Next up, a joke about Y2K only on The Superficial. Stick around.

Photos: Flynet

  1. kate

    um, ew?

  2. Barack

    Now goddamn, that’s what I call a cracker!

  3. Randal

    I am so loving the color of Phoebe’s hair. It radiates a sense of wildness that only she can provide. A pattern of freckles splash down her arms, leading the eye down along her healthy form.

    Hope to see more of you Phoebe, you look great!


  4. Wow, more staged pics of someone who’s not famous. Are you sure this is a celebrity gossip site?

  5. Pixie

    Yay! Someone *ALMOST* as white as I am!!! :) And red haired too!! Although I do try and stay in the shade to prevent blinding innocent passersby. (Also stay away from black swimsuits! omg)

  6. whatever

    Fugly, pasty, droopy, flabby … can we say poor man’s Lindsay Hohan? How is this chick a model?

  7. Bree Van de Kamp - Hodge

    How did you find my old pictures???

  8. katie

    I really dont know what’s the worst part of these pictures:

    -her ‘very natural’ hair
    -her arms
    -the plethora of trailer park hats
    -the nasty dog
    - showing us her 80 year old vag

  9. Ted Mosby

    Pasty chicks rock

  10. Tom

    Yeah, she’s gross and not at all famous. I have the world’s hugest collection of celebrity wank material on my hard disk and I’ve never even heard of this chick. Believe me, I would be the one person to have heard of her if she was in any way hot and famous.

  11. e

    Who is this again? another firecrotch?

  12. My Penis

    I’m with Ted

  13. Tom

    Hmmm, on second thought, maybe there’s potential here. I just looked at the last couple of pictures here and she’s isn’t bad looking in those… I may have something to do tonight after all. :) I stand corrected. Thanks, superficial!

  14. morga

    damn, how is it that she’s both skinny and flabby at the same time?

  15. Alicat

    I just hope she’s wearing some heavy duty SPF while posing for those staged pics.

  16. Clem

    She looks like the youngest person ever to have sagg everything! Even her left knee is saggy!!!!

    What a munter.

  17. Lola

    who in the world is this nobody? pls stop posting pics of people who’s 15 minutes were over 30 years ago…. how is this a model? or even an actress??? she’s like so freaking ugly and an attention whore…. and it has nothing to do with her pastiness or looking like powder and pippi longstocking…. get a real job grannie and stop pretending anyone cares who you are

  18. deacon jones

    At least when she gets loads blown on here she doesnt have to clean up, they just blend right in…

  19. I’m a major horndog, and I wouldn’t think about touching her at all.

    At all.

  20. mcbeef


  21. The White Urkle

    Would it kill this chick to shave her cootch? Guy’s are you with me, shaved cootch rocks!?

  22. That’s EXACTLY what Jrz, Veggi & Bitchport would look like if they ever had an orgy.

  23. Tom

    get some sun, hun

  24. Z0d


    You fail. You are either a master of sarcasm, or you have no conception of what a healthy human body should look like.

    No amount of adjectives is going to make that chick seem any more attractive than a pasty-white ginger slut who thinks she’s actually worth something. -Oh wait…

  25. Do_FreeBird

    This is what the world has come to. A person is a celebrity because they say they are. Of course, we believe them even if we have no fucking idea who they are. How many of us have any idea that she even existed before we saw these pictures. In three years, she’ll be the star of her own reality show, have a jerk-off boy friend and go around the country doing nothing except having badly posed photos taken of themselves in swimwear while they demand to be treated like “stars”. Sound familiar?

    There’s only one way to stop this. We MUST descend upon HOLLYWOOD AS A PLAGUE!!!! Then Kill them all!!! NO MERCY! Do this or prepare to spend the rest of your life looking at that mindless shit eating grin and that I’m better than you because I’m famous attitude.

    So it is written, so it shall come to pass.

  26. Eric

    I never heard of this woman, so I looked her up on IMDB. After looking at the pictures there, with Heath Ledger dead, she can takeover the role of the Joker any time.

  27. James

    Scarier without the sunglasses

  28. Auntie Kryst

    She must be drunk. What else could be the excuse for this paddy twat to expose so much of herself to direct sunlight??

  29. snarky

    Phoebe Price in a bikini (she’s famous…or so SHE thinks).
    She’s also revolting looking. Hey, its Lindsay Lohan ffwd 5 years.

  30. simplicity

    ..nobody cares about this chick.
    she’s a wanna be ho..
    penis or not.

  31. Barely Stearn

    Well all you flat chested gargoyles that demand their “naturals” – here you go! As for me, I think I’ll just tilt my head to the side and…vomit!!!!!!!!!! Take a good look all you nature loving beatnik hippie chicks who decry the miracle of silicone: THIS MESS is exactly what you’d expect to get if you crossed Amy Winehouse with Hillary Clinton! Happy now?

    Now: Please go back and take a VERY GOOD AND LONG LOOK at both Cora Skinner and the lovely Miss Heidi Montag in their swim trunks and then come back here and explain to me and every real man here why it’s better to be “naturale” instead of looking like Cora and Heidi?! If you’re being honest with yourselves ( and you obviously can’t be if you take a look in the mirror and can tell me with a straight face that the two fry pans you call breastage are the way to go!) you’ll cop to the fact that the submuscular implant is this generation’s polio vaccine! Why be like FDR in a wheelchair when you can be Heidi/Cora/Pamela and frolick on the beach with your beautiful jug-jugs swaying to and fro and bringing out the respect and admiration of every man present and the envy of every loser female who decided to spend the day at the beach instead of at her woman’s study course at her all-female college!!!

  32. Mimsom

    It will make this chick’s day to be on the Superficial. Who the fuck is she though?

  33. Bill

    #31, I don’t think boob implants would make this chick attractive.

  34. Do_Freebird

    click here to find out what Phoebe thinks about global warming (no joke, you know?)

  35. Barely Stearn

    Bill -
    Oh hell yea! You put a nice pair of D’s on this gal and she steps up in class big time! She goes from Mister Ed to Big Brown in a heartbeat.
    That being said, my main point was that I saw comment after comment bashing Cora Skinner who is absolutely fantastic in every respect and can’t be appreciated enough – ESPECIALLY now in light of this new post of a red headed vampire! Good grief, I’d rather shack up with Randal!

  36. bobby bo bo

    BARF! read head with freckles. Down with gingers!

  37. bobby bo bo
  38. ldsqtbea

    sooo many freckles !!! eww !!!

  39. literarycritic

    @#31: Why, as a current medium B-cup, would I *not* get breast implants?

    Hmm. Let’s see:

    1. I’d like to keep the sensation in my nipples. I don’t feel like destroying anywhere from a fraction to *all* of the pleasurable nerve endings in my breasts. You only get to look, but I live in ‘em, and they feel good to me, and I’d like to keep ‘em that way.

    2. I don’t want my knockers to hang to my knees when I’m 40.

    3. I’d prefer my death not to be caused by something as humiliating as poisons leaked into my bloodstream from busted balloons because I was too vain to live without big tits.

    4. I have back problems as it is; not looking to add to that load.

    5. I’ll go up at least a cup size when I have kids anyway.

    And finally,

    6. I don’t care if you stare at me or not.

  40. Caravan

    Seriously?? you what she reminds me of? you know when you roast a marshmellow and it gets those brown spots. this chick should be in between two grahams.

  41. Dorito Man


    Go cry to mamma because shaved crutches are for little boys to want and to make an issue of. I don’t know who this woman is, but in the 12th photo she is totally hawt. What makes her hawt is the confidence she displays. That little corner of bush she confidently shows says “For men only no boys allowed”. She also has strikingly beautiful skin and a nice woman’s body. Sorry 21, this one is for the big boys.

  42. salsbury steak

    Hot Hot Hot. Lily white skin, freckles and that blazing red hair. gimme more

  43. cecil

    There are superficial people, and then there are those who have no contact with the real world as demonstrated by #31. This guy must not have a lot of female friends, aside from his many magazine cutouts. As for the girl, she’s not the hottest in the world but she’s definitely alright.

  44. p0nk

    @22 holy fuck, damnYell, you did NOT just attempt to insult the hottest women on this blog AND post a pic of YOUR fat ugly mastiff mug.

  45. Joe C

    She actually has a pretty nice body. Unfortunately, it is covered with some of the most hideous skin this side of Amy Wino’s cheek.

  46. Sammy

    What the……in which pic does she even have any bush showing?? Cause i can’t see any in any pic

  47. Sammy

    What the hell are you on about , you can’t even see anything stop imagining things

  48. jen

    I think she looks really unique and beautiful. Not many women embrace pale skin freckles, and that red hair. It looks great and makes me feel more confident. Now her fake personality and odd face (looks like she had plastic surgery) make me lose all respect for her.

  49. ToTellTheTruth

    Nasty looking, pasty UNattractive looking piece of white trash..

  50. gingers suck

    Not only is she skinny-fat, she is also a ginger. What a combo!

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