Phoebe Price Being Inappropriate Around Children

Phoebe Price is what Ms. Frizzle from Magic School Bus would look like after a rough couple of years. Of her many deep and highly intellectual hobbies, dressing up in stripper costumes and showing up at family-themed events seems to be one of her favorite. Here we have Pheebs shilling her big, old boobs at the Grove around some innocent kids that just wanted to tell Santa to hook them up with a PS4. She also may or may not have asked Frostie and the Gingerbread Man to eiffel tower her…

Holidays have always kind of been her thing. Over Thanksgiving, you may recall Phoebe rubbing her boobs all over a frozen turkey in the refrigerator aisle of a supermarket. For the 4th of July, she got herself all lubed up and did inappropriate stuff with hot dogs.


I actually have a theory that she used to be a sophisticated southern girl who had a bright future in bioscience. One day while she was on the brink of discovering a cure for cancer, someone accidentally slipped a bunch of that horny goat weed you buy at gas stations into her mountain dew and she hulked into the trailer park princess she is today.

Stay classy, Phoebe Price. One day your ship will come and you won’t have to pay these photographers to follow you around anymore. You’re an American gem, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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