Some Dude Says He’s Been Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Gay Lover For Years

Adrian Grenier?! I knew it!

I probably should’ve used a less sketchy headline like “Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Business Partner Claims They Were Gay Lovers,” but then I couldn’t have made that Adrian Grenier joke and would’ve wasted my whole day. Fuck all that. Hollywood Life reports:

Playwright David Bar Katz and Philip Seymour Hoffman have been friends and business partners for years, but according to a new interview, they were actually more than that. David, who is married with four kids, says they were in a relationship and had plans for the upcoming weekend before he passed away.
We were homosexual lovers. We had a relationship,” David told National Enquirer on Feb. 5. “We were planning to go to the Super Bowl together and have a really nice day. This is so terrible.”

Jesus. Up until now, the story has been that Philip Seymour Hoffman had plans to watch the Super Bowl with his son, but then again, we’re talking about a guy with 70 bags of heroin in his apartment, so who the hell knows what to believe? Which is why I’m sticking with Adrian Grenier. It’s Adrien Grenier. We’re looking right at him!

UPDATE: According to NY Daily News, David Bar Katz is threatening to sue the National Enquirer and claims he never even gave them an interview. Which is exactly what I would do if I had second thoughts about cashing in on a friend’s death, but then again, this is the National Enquirer, so for all we know they interviewed a sock puppet and called it a wrap.

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