Philip Seymour Hoffman Overdosed (1967 – 2014)

February 3rd, 2014 // 66 Comments
Philip Seymour Hoffman

In case anyone feels the need to pay tribute on a tit and dick joke site, Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead yesterday in the bathroom of his Manhattan apartment with a needle in his arm. He was 46, and a powerhouse of an actor revered for his talents who just gambled that all away along with three kids who don’t have a father now because that’s what heroin does to you. So keep that in mind before you shoot that shit.

Rest In Peace, Lester Bangs

UPDATE: Philip Seymour Hoffman had plans to watch the Super Bowl with his son last night which apparently was something he needed to get high for beforehand. Helluva tender memory to leave a kid.


  1. Love you, Phil. RIP.
    The Big Lebowski is one of my all-time favourite films, and Brandt was one of the best characters.

    • The man was a fearless actor. When I saw him jizz onto a wall while making an obscene call in “Happiness”, I knew this guy was destined for Oscar glory.

    • How can you love someone you never met?

      Admire is what you do when you think an artist’s work is good.

      Love seems a misused word.

      Talented actor for sure. Too bad his demons won in the end.

      • Pathetic troll, you are so desperate to pick a fight that you are attacking me wherever you see me speak.
        What level of cunt do you have to be to criticize someone’s feelings and choice of words when they’re sad about a death?
        I realise you don’t understand because you don’t feel.
        You need to have a soul to love, so it will always be a word you can’t use. What happens is, your heart fills with warmth and happiness and appreciation.
        Guess what? I also love animals, without having MET all the animals. I’ve met a lot of animals, like cats and dogs, but I also love elephants (never met one) because of all I know about them.
        For one thing, they protect their babies.
        It’s complicated and there are levels, but first you would need to not be a robot. So forget it.

  2. Robb7

    Such a waste…RIP

  3. Cock Dr

    Stay away from the poppy product. There’s bad stuff out there even for the rich, famous & experienced hard drug user.
    Who sold him that shit & how did it get into the country?

    • not to get all political, but the war on drugs is a joke – that’s how it got into this country. Also calls of “who sold him that shit?” detract from the responsibility of the end user to A) not make poor life choices and B) not make a poor life choice a life ending choice.

      • Oh BABY

        Damned right, McBeef. I’m glad I’m not the only one pointing to the person who made the choice to buy and use the drugs. If there was no demand, there would be no suppliers.

      • aj

        What war? Do you see the US Military actively guarding our Southern border where these drugs come from? No. There is no war on drugs. The government wants those drugs in this country.

  4. And yet Lindsay Lohan lives another day. Why, god, why?

  5. Judge Chamberlain Haller

    RIP Philip. Heroin is a nasty drug which is one of the hardest to shake.

  6. ElBurrito

    If Willem Dafoe is the next to die, not much else to live for on this planet.

  7. poop

    thank you fish. ugh heroin takes away a lot of good people.

  8. JO JO

    and yet Pete Dogherty is still alive…

  9. “Imma fuckin’ idiot. Imma fuckin’ idiot. Fuckin’ idiot. fuckin’ idiot. fuckin’ idiot…”

    RIP Scotty

  10. lawn

    This would have been even sadder if it had been a good game.

  11. The first mistake is even trying H. You gotta be fucked in the head to boot that shit in the first place because no one, NO ONE, is stronger than a heroin addiction. PSH was a great actor and I dug his work but I’m not saddened at all by him making a stupid choice.

    • “…I’m not saddened at all by him making a stupid choice.”

      REALLY? Haven’t we all made stupid choices at one time? Many of us are just lucky we didn’t pay for it with our lives, but EVERYONE has made a bad choice at one time. And once an addict is hooked, it’s a life-long road back.

      • During my hippy-dippy days back in the 60′s, heroin was one drug that I refused to try, because I just fucking knew I’d like it. How I came across that clarity of thought back then I have no idea because gawd knows I did tons of other self-destructive things…

  12. RIP Hoffman – seriously, you will never be forgotten.

  13. Hey, if I knew I was about to spend 3-4 hours watching a sporting event with only 11 minutes of actual game play in it, I might want to get high, too.

    Okay, that was in poor taste. And I’ve never actually gotten high. Or drunk, for that matter.

  14. Kevolution

    RIP Mattress Man.

  15. o'chunt

    If there ever was a reason to invent a time machine, this is it.

  16. I might be alone here. But I don’t have any sympathy for him.

    He’s got a boatload of money, and more importantly, 3 KIDS. Your main role in life is to take care of and protect your kids. Anyone that sticks a needle in his arm when he’s got a wife and kids depending on him is a loser in my book.

    • ElBurrito

      Heroin addiction is a bitch, my friend.

    • Lord Helmet

      Both my parents were alcoholics. They both died too young because of it. Addicts have no concern for anyone around them. Not their family or friends. They only live for their addiction and don’t care what effect it has on the people around them.

      Part of me feels sorry for them. But the other half knows my parents’ addiction ruined my life and they didn’t give a shit. So, I cannot have any sympathy for addicts. If you want to be an addict that’s your choice. But then don’t have any friends or family to drag down with you.

      • I think the problem with addiction is that the addict CAN’T care because drugs fuck with their brains beyond reason.

      • Lord Helmet

        I’m not sure. When my mother died, my father just kept drinking like nothing happened. Now, he was an MD, who lost his wife to alcohol, and had a serious hospital stay himself where they cleaned him up and told him to stop. He stopped for about a year. Then went back and drank for the next 4 years until his death. He quit then started again despite all that. He made the choice. Not his addiction.

      • Maybe, but you have to do it once to get addicted.

      • irishmarty

        Addiction is not a choice.

      • Lord Helmet

        If it weren’t a choice then how can even long time addicts quit sometimes. Regardless, picking up that first bottle or needle IS a choice. As is quitting something and then going back to it.

      • Im sorry, if you are clean for 20 some years, then relapse, then yeah, its a “choice” in my book.

      • catapostrophe

        Feeling sympathy for a troubled person who just died shouldn’t be a choice.

      • Franka

        You are not alone. I have friends who also lived with drug and alcohol abusing parents. They don’t have a whole lot of sympathy either. I guess when you are a child of an addict and life is made impossible because of the addiction one tends to be intolerant of the condition. I am glad that my friends all lead pretty happy lives. They don’t “self medicate” and would not go near drink or drugs for any amount of money. I am grateful that I never had to contend with all of that that. Being a kid is bad enough.

    • Leila

      I feel the same. All you have to do is a visit an oncology ward–or worse, any pediatrics ward–and you will start having a lot less sympathy. I know he struggled with a disease, but at least his disease was curable and, whatever anyone says, largely up to him. That’s not true for too many people out there, who would thankfully take any slim shot at survival. And with 3 kids, it’s all that much more disheartening.

      • I agree with your statement Leila,except cancer is a disease, drugs are a choice. I have never heard of a doctor breaking the news to someone that they have heroin.

      • Nut bra

        And sadly, if any addict had the money and resources to get clean for his children, it was PSH.
        I’ve lived with an addict and I’m over having time for their bullshit. YOU make a choice, YOU live with it, fine. I made a choice and walked away. However, this man had 3 children whose lives he has undoubtedly fucked up to some extent. What was their choice?


  17. Even with the widest and most genuine smile on his face, there was a constant sadness to the man that he never seemed able to shake. He seemed one of those people unable to find even the most fundamental sense of peace. May he know it now. Requiescat in pace.

  18. JimBB

    In his defense, who would have suspected that using heroin would lead to a bad ending?

    Charlie Sheen: “Hey, Phil, you want some heroin?”
    Phillipp Hoffman: “Sure, Charlie, your life seems to be in order. So how bad could it be?”

  19. dreamcrusher

    now who will play Hillary Clinton in the movie ?

  20. YWFN

    Another junkie bites the dust at his own hand. Why are you crying? He wanted this.

  21. AteIsEnough

    Hey, is that the kid from “Crocodile Tears”?

  22. A genius actor and seemed like a nice guy, too bad he could not beat his demons. R.I.P.

  23. I hate it when people use deaths like these as a platform to campaign against drug use. Drugs are probably what made him the actor he was. He died happy and he wasn’t even that young. If he died from a heart attack or a stroke (which he easily could have, lets be real) you wouldn’t hear a peep about how terrible junk food is for you and no one would be blaming him.


    • Oh BABY

      46 is too young to die, I don’t care what the cause is. Your comments have some validity, but the fact remains that his cause of death was based on his choices. Had he died of heart attack or stroke, there would have been some few out there who cited a shitty diet that may have been related, and they would have been correct. As it is, the dumb ass chose to buy and shoot heroin into his body, with no apparent thought for the three children he helped spawn.

      So the blame PSH is getting now is appropriate. He chose to try the shit, and his continued use turned into a need. The choices were always his. No sympathy for anyone but his kids.

  24. RIP PSH. You were a great actor.

  25. irishmarty

    “But chose this instead.” Do you really think he had a choice? If had died as of result of cancer, would you have said he “chose” to die from cancer? He had an illness and finally succumbed to it.

    • I am a cancer survivor. Don’t compare addiction to cancer.

    • These Zim Man Posts Are Awsome!

      I am really getting sick of this bullshit. If he had been some young kid, I might have given him a little break, but not much. Yes, we make stupid mistakes as kids. Did I drink and drive as a teenager back in the day? Yes. However, if I killed someone else, or myself, in a crash, it would have been on me, because I KNEW BETTER. Anyone with a couple of brain cells between their ears know how addictive and dangerous some drugs are that are out there. Jesus christ, even special needs kids know that drugs can be dangerous. This guy wasn’t only a middle-aged man, but he was also A RECOVERING ADDICT! He didn’t have to depend on his health teacher’s lecture on drugs like the rest of us. He had FIRST HAND knowledge of the horrific effects of heroin. Also, he had been in recovery for TWENTY YEARS! So fuck him for being a weak-ass pussy, and fuck you for having the audacity to compare recreational drugs to cancer. Seriously, fuck you!

      • catapostrophe

        Life was fun before the internet, wasn’t it? Good ol’ days.

        That’s merely my opinion; please don’t type-yell at me if you don’t agree.

      • Franka

        I know my fair share of addicts, people who are children of addicts and people who just partied and could walk away unaffected after taking some rather serious drugs. Addicts truly are in a whole different class. They cannot be compared to casual drug users and partiers. Addicts are absolutely CONSUMED by their need for whatever it is that they are addicted to to the extent that even though they know that their behavior will eventually kill them, their physical and emotional hunger will not permit them to stop. All I can say is “Here for the grace of God go I.” I am grateful that I am not so afflicted. I know kids in their 20s, mainly guys, who are now in serious rehab. They are changing their lives but I can’t imagine battling that kind of horrible compulsion every second. It literally sounds like living hell.

  26. notimpressed

    Big surprise

  27. I loved him. Pirate Radio was a crack! He will be missed. RIP

  28. Again? Do we know where the Olsen Twins were at the time this happened???

  29. The Pope

    He’ll always be “the fat guy from Twister” to me.

  30. Franka

    This guy’s death rattles me. The level of tragedy is overwhelming. I have read the comments and find some of the points of view to be intriguing – simple but intriguing; some people view addiction as a simple “black and white” issue involving choices and the exertion of will-power over a horrible, soul consuming, and physical compulsion. Others view addiction as a disease and are wholly sympathetic to the addict. Obviously no man stays clean and sober for two decades, has a family, builds an incredible career and reputation and then relapses back to heroin use because he lacks simple will power. Heroin, drug and alcohol addiction are not in the same league as being unable to step away from the jelly doughnut. The entire reason that PSH went to rehab in his 20s, and then again recently, was because he was terrified for his life. Something has to be pretty physically compelling to make a person relapse knowing that in all probability using the substance will eventually be the cause of their death. Layne Staley, another heroin user, knew that his body was breaking down and that he was dying, but his physical addiction to the drug was so strong that he couldn’t stop using. This is what Layne Staley said about his personal drug use: “I’m not using drugs to get high like many people think. I know I made a big mistake when I started using this shit. It’s a very difficult thing to explain. My liver is not functioning, and I’m throwing up all the time and shitting my pants. The pain is more than you can handle. It’s the worst pain in the world. Dope sick hurts the entire body.” What a horrible, wrenching, humiliating, lonely end. I don’t pretend to be a good person, or even an understanding one. All I know is that there are times when compassion is called for. This would be one of those times.

    • A lot of the people in these comments making cruel and judgmental remarks about Hoffman’s death due to his heroin addiction are the same ones who expressed sympathy for Dylan Farrow and called anyone who disagreed with them “pieces of shit”.

      Nobody starts out using drugs thinking they will become a hopeless addict, otherwise why would they do it? Everybody thinks they will be the exception. That’s how it goes.

      I feel sorry for Hoffman’s family most of all, but I imagine the mental and physical pain in his final days was quite terrible. This world is a bad place and people who are too weak to survive long in it deserve our compassion, not our judgment.

  31. Son of Flubber

    Yet, some how…Arty Lang is still alive. Anyone up for a dead pool? PSH blindsided me out a few hundred bucks. :P

  32. tlmck

    He did not die, he just went full method.

  33. Chuck

    Oh but he “suffered” for his art! He had “demons”. Who fucking doesn’t? He was paid a shitload of money to play grown up make believe…….and happened to be really good at it. Cry me a river.

    I just feel sorry for his innocent children.

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