Philip Seymour Hoffman Had A Million Bags of Heroin In His Apartment (Give Or Take)

February 4th, 2014 // 48 Comments
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Hmm. I wonder how he smuggled those…

Depending on where you read, Philip Seymour Hoffman had somewhere between 5070 bags of heroin in his apartment at the time of his death. Which raises the question of just how awful it is to be around his kid that Philip Seymour Hoffman needed this much heroin before having a father/son night watching the Super Bowl. And by raises the question, I mean will plague this poor kid forever because this is another don’t do drugs post, so suck it up. Now is when you talk about this shit and what it does to people regardless of how awesome someone was in Boogie Nights.

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  1. His corpse kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

    • JimBB

      On the downside, his corpse was pumped up with enough drugs to kill Charlie Sheen after a liver transplant.

      On the upside, they probably won’t need any embalming fluid.

  2. 50-70 bags….
    Kind of deflates the argument of “well he fell off the wagon”, doesn’t it?
    If you are buying drugs in that large a quantity, you’ve already checked yourself out.
    He put himself over his 3 kids and wife. In my book, its the equivalent of jumping out of an airplane with the only parachute as they go down with it. And I dont need to be lectured about the addictiveness of drugs. I partied through my entire 20s, snorted (insert here) up my nose, and have seen a number of people I knew from high school and college die from drinking, heroin, steroids, etc.

    • Getting busted with 50-70 bags of any illegal drug gets John Q. Public charged with intent to distribute.

    • Not giving the guy an excuse, but some people are more lucky it seems when it comes to addictive behavior than others.
      What I’m saying is, thank god i never dabbled in H, cuz man there is NO WAY I would not have gotten hooked. Shit, could barely handle alcohol and tobacco

    • Franka

      Strangely, for a person who does not use drugs or ever “Partied,” I know from extensive personal experience that there is a huge difference between a casual drug user, like yourself, who “Partied” and someone who is an addict. A Partier can do drugs and walk away clean. An addict is in a whole different class of person. You are not an addict, at least from how you describe yourself (thank God). An addict has a deep, uncontrollable physical and emotional hunger for whatever it is that is the subject of their addiction. Addicts, from my experience, are generally guys. I know two, currently, who are in their twenties. One is an ex-Special Forces operative. The other is the typical nice kid who has an addictive personality. Both of them are just out of rehab. Both of their lives are hanging by the most gossamer of threads. Both expressed, prior to going into rehab, that they feared that they would die, or kill someone else if they were unsuccessful at kicking their addiction. The poor nice kid, actually thought that he ran over a pedestrian with his car, which is why he entered into rehab – the good news is, he did not – he turned himself to the police thinking that he ran somebody over, only to have the cops look at him like he had three heads and was purple in color – there were no dead pedestrians that they could locate in their district. Even after the Police took him to “the site” he did not believe. He took the cop’s advice, and entered into rehab. His still has an addictive personality though. He now channels it differently. He is a fitness (CrossFit) fanatic, as is the former Special Forces guy. Both of these men live day by day, moment by moment. I guess that it is how it is with addiction. I personally could not live, having that kind of devil perpetually on my shoulder, whispering evil things in my ear. I confess that I am not that strong. I would eventually succum. The good news is – so far, I am not an addict and these guys are waving off the devil on their shoulder every time it whispers.

      • Franka

        For what its worth, the two guys described are not the only addicts I have known. They are just the most recent. I live in South Florida – the drug capital of the US. Everyone here uses, wallows and glories in drugs. One must pick one’s friends wisely. If you have a party, you have to tell people that drugs are not allowed on your premises and that guns must be locked in one’s car (legal issues, my friends. Serious legal issues).

  3. Liz

    Which raises the question of just how awful it is to be around his kid that Philip Seymour Hoffman needed this much heroin before having a father/son night watching the Super Bowl. – usually agree with you, however, this is not cool

    • Agreed. Let’s leave comments regarding his children out of it. They no doubt knew nothing about this and couldn’t have done anything even if they did.

      • Beltliner

        Actually, I think “three young kids are growing up without a father because he decided he’d rather shoot drugs” is the more tragic part of the story than “a guy we liked in some movies is dead,” and the only part anyone (which is to say no one) would be discussing if he weren’t famous.

      • Liz

        Agreed, Beitliner, but not my point.

    • I’m not insulting his kids. I’m pointing out the fucking god awful thoughts Philip Seymour Hoffman just left in his son’s head thanks to heroin.

      • Liz

        Not saying you insulted his children – simply speaking as a mother. I wouldn’t want my son reading this sentence if I had been PSH’s significant other.

      • This whole site is full of sentences kids shouldn’t be reading. That’s on mom and dad.

      • Liz

        Oh, come on. You put the onus of the death of a parent on a child in that sentence. I read you daily – you’re better than that.

      • Try understanding the things you read. Maybe by placing them into the context they were written. Kids internalize all kind of shit that their parents do and by choosing to be a junkie, Mr. Hoffman has given his kids a whole host of things to ruminate on. So fuck him for being a junkie, because he’s leaving lasting damage to innocents behind.

        I’m pretty sure that’s the point Fish was making with those words up there.

      • Liz

        Understood his point perfectly. Disagree (strongly) with how he made it.

      • Bring_On_The_Hate

        Agreed. I love this site and I usually agree with Fish, but bringing Hoffman’s kids into it (even it’s defensible from a distant, high-horse position) is unnecessary and as mind-bogglingly ignorant as the Palin-ized Tea Partiers this site usually condemns. I’m sure Fish has a flip defense prepared for tomorrow, but I’d be far more impressed if he apologized or just deleted this post.

  4. To hell with the dead guy, can someone tell me why Christina Hendricks is on the edge of going full Kirstie Alley?

    Any why does she dress like she’s going elk hunting?

  5. Cock Dr

    Stockpiling that much junk…..PSH was prepared for a very long cold winter inside and out. RIP
    I hope they can find the person(s) who’s business is selling that poison to the hopelessly addicted.

    • Demand is what keeps the drug trade alive, not the dealers.

    • No shit. We could find that dealer and lock him up, then find his replacement and lock him up, and then find the replacement’s replacement and then the replacement’s replacement replacement and pretty soon we can funnel $50B into a rat hole war on drugs that accomplishes jack shit other than keeps veterans with no actual skill other than pointing guns at people at work. oh wait…

      • You’re just saying that because the Harrison Narcotics Act was passed in 1914 and has been a massive costly failure ever since then. But at least we’ve gotten lots of non-violent offenders into prison so they can learn how to become violent criminals while waiting to be released into society. How could a policy of rehab and treatment be more effective than that?

      • What do you mean failure? I just want the WonD to end so I can buy drugs. It’s been so fucking successful I can’t find any.

  6. Yes, he was awesome in Boogie Nights, but don’t forget Happiness.

    • JimBB

      Or The Big Lebowski.

      • me

        His role in the Master, I believe spurred him onto using again. In the Master he is a cult leader that boozes with one of his mentally challenged followers who makes him special booze and alcohol. He is able to write and leader better when he drinks and does drugs, perhaps he enjoyed that character too much

      • catapostrophe

        He was great in every one of his roles. I remember taking notice of him as the asshole rich kid in Scent of a Woman. He made me hate him, so I got a sense he knew what he was doing and was very good at it. I’m not one to fall all over myself praising actors and being intrigued by their speaking of the “craft,” but–to disagree with a comment made yesterday, that he was a good actor because of drugs–I tend to reckon that there’s an openness and vulnerability in an actor extremely dedicated to his profession, and that those traits also exist in people who happen to have addictive personalities and a desire to lose themselves. Had he been a person with a sound emotional structure who played it safe in everything he did, he wouldn’t have been the actor he was, and probably wouldn’t have died the way he did.

  7. Freddie Eaglesmith is right. “Fame don’t take away the pain. It just pays the bills.”

  8. Steve R.

    I heard he bet his life savings on the broncos which is why he overdosed.

  9. me

    He was awesome in Cold Mountain, and Doubt. I watched both last night and was terribly sad.

  10. Wow, she’s as fat as he was!

  11. UpYOurNose

    50 bags? Damn, that’s a SuperBowl party right there.
    He must of had 100 bags of Cheetos too.

  12. kenneth23

    Rest in Peace Philipp

  13. Andrew (ditto)

    Poor people do drugs, rich people get ‘inspired’.

  14. Martin

    poor people have been dying from drug over dose for tens of twenty decades . The difference is they were usually black kids so no one gave a fuck . When it kills celebrities it is news . the real problem is the insane ” war on drugs ” There will always be people using drugs . Smarten up america , You know what to do .

  15. He was great in every role I’ve ever seen him in. A real powerhouse actor. Crazy talented.

  16. Heroin puts your head in a place like no other place you have ever been, and once you have been in that place you never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever lose the urge to go back there.

    • cc

      I can sort of understand what you mean. I was on IV morphine once for a couple of days. What a great fkn feeling.

  17. Jill

    It is understood that people addicted to heroin need to use it to feel normal, not even high, just normal. They often take just enough to stave off withdrawal. Also, heroin is sold in little envelopes 10 at a time, so 50 bags really isnt that much, considering there’s 1/2 to 1 dose in a bag. Also heroin use can cause heart disease, so he wouldn’t necessarily would have taken a ton of it to have od’d.

  18. guest

    Must have gone to Costco for it

  19. Charmed.

    The story that’s been going around is he’d been clean for 20 ish years. Had an injury early last year, the pain meds set off the addiction again.

    People that suffer from addictions are addicted for life. He didn’t casually fall off the bandwagon and fuck his kids up. By the sounds of it he didn’t even choose to – he took hospital medications, upped the dose, and then he was fucked. He tried to seek help last year, obviously it didn’t work.

    Now he’s proper fucked.

    Sometimes fish, you’re like a goddamned pious little churchie with no perspective on anything.

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