Philadelphia, you’re alright.

February 5th, 2010 // 99 Comments

Snooki made an appearance at the Philadelphia Wing Bowl this morning where the fine citizens decided to boo loudly any time her Jamie-Lynn Sigler With The Gout face appeared on the Jumbo-tron. In response, Snooki flipped off the entire city during an interview with FOX Philly, so I can only assume vengeance will be handed out swiftly. (Read: Cut off the beast’s food supply which consists solely of cheesesteaks and Italian penises.)

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  1. Rod

    First.. to pork it!

  2. fatguyinalittleshirt

    what. an. assclown.

  3. Loo

    someone needs to light her on fire please

  4. kingofbeer

    that fake tan shit smells like… SHIT!!

    Hey fake tan people, we can smell you :p

  5. CARLO

    This show sucks and that chick is a pig. NEXT!!!!

  6. swish


  7. hank

    Woof! Next! Oh wait… actually, let there never be a next- not of this cow. Moo!


    I’m confused. Are these pre-airbrush Kardashian shots?

  9. james

    I don’t understand why she was invited to the Grammys of all things. Wing Bowl? Sure.

  10. Ballsy

    Sweet! Someone needs to run this bitch over with a cab.

  11. Richard McBeef

    Goddamn that thing is nasty. How the fuck did she become famous? Who watches that tripe?

  12. Melissa

    Everyone knows Eagles jerseys’ chafe. I know the real reason why you switched!

    Eagles are the new Bills! *crying with laughter*

  13. Rough's word apps the Pllrice is FLREEEEE

    Ohh so theyre booing because they accidentally give the show the highest rating in MTV history…YEAHhhhh Philly keep booing till you caught up a lung…

  14. Rough's word apps the Pllrice is FLREEEEE

    *cough* Aholes

  15. Rose

    She has the ugliest shape ever, she’s like an upside down pear haha

  16. OTP

    Fat nobody…

  17. Charlieee

    hey, if an entire city booed me for being a dumb bitch, I’d give them the finger too.

    but on behalf of the entire city of Philadelphia, i’d like to say FUCK YOU TOO, GREASY OOMPAH LOOMPA

  18. Nameless

    LOL @ stupid people who think orange = tan. Still can’t believe this chick is in her 20′s. She looks like she’s in her mid-40′s, couple kids and probably divorced.

  19. George S.

    Holy hell, who dressed up a pumpkin in a purple dress. Its not halloween….

  20. Ego

    she reminds me of that old hag from “Something About Mary”.
    oh yeah, this makes me sad in my pants

  21. wahwah

    she looks like double shape M&M

  22. I keep thinking the aspect ratio of my monitor is messed up every time I see her.

  23. See Alice

    What an Obese Imbecile !

  24. mutt

    Who let the Oompa loompa out of willy wonkas factory?….quick get a net!

  25. I can jerk it to almost anything but this beast left me limp.

    I’m going to write all about my failure to nut on my blog.



  26. Ripper Owens

    I’d put it in her.

    Once I’m finished, I would find “The Situation” and give him a Swift kick in the Cock!

  27. JJ Daddy-O

    That girls needs more gym and less tanning and laundry.

  28. miette

    Well if there’s one thing I can say about Philly it’s that it sure knows a thing or two about trash …

  29. JJ

    The whole Jersey Shore just needs to go away. The oceanic ecosystems have enough problems with pollution as it is….

  30. Leeroy

    It’s all the ass clowns that watch the show every week that make us have to endure crap like “Snooki” for a second season. Someone please tell my why she is famous?

  31. havoc

    I really don’t get it at all……

    Fat, ugly and annoying is news now?


  32. shankyouverymuch

    This is a large FAT & smelly ‘after Thanksgiving dinner’ shit, stuffed into a giant purple sausage casing.

    yum-yum :O(

  33. oranged skinned man

    seriously, does she now own a mirror?

  34. justifiable

    I heard FedEx took one look at her and immediately changed their color scheme when realized she could be mistaken for their mascot. Thinking orange and purple go together shows she has no color sense – but jeezus, what spray-on tan manufacturer was so delusional as to come up with a shade like “End-Stage Liver Failure”?

  35. Love her reaction. Go Snooks!

  36. Perfect Riddle for You

    Violet Beauregarde hooked up with an Oompa Loompa. This is their daughter.

  37. i hate jersey

    Sad that the youth of our nation would rather watch a bunch of stupid fucking fake tan asswipes with NO talent than anything else! Hey MTV; do you idiots remember what your fucking channel was created for. This ugly fucking PIG BITCH has no talent & will never look good even after a case of tequila and a week on the Sun. Guess what Jersey, noone fucking cares about your Z-28 driving with the windows down & Bon Jovi blasting, loud mouth, fake tan, steroid eating, big hair way of life.

    Vafancullo bitchesssssssssssssssss!!!!!!

  38. Jimmy

    Please do not place pictures of this creature on this website. Unfortunately, I clicked on one of the photos, and my computer immediately smelled like a 4 week old crusty turd. Yikes! I have to get a new computer now. Do not let this happen to you!

  39. Crapsworth

    This bitch makes me shudder.

  40. Jammy

    This bitch looks like Quasimoto! There are so many better looking chicks out there! if someone is gonna be famous for nothing shouldnt they at least be hot?

  41. Melanie

    That dress is NOT flattering in the least bit.

  42. Shanker

    i hate her slightly more than i hate Philadelphia. New Jersey was a better place before that show

  43. Art

    Ok, I take it back. In an earlier post I said I’d hit it. Well, I’ve never seen the show and this is the first time I’ve seen this girl’s body. She didn’t look this big in the few photos I’d seen; granted, she was sheathed in big jackets. Um, no. She is just another chubby girl who thinks she’s the shit and that men should throw themselves at her and likely shops at Torrid.

    And men, get some fucking self-esteem (respect?) and STOP stooping so low as to hit on women like this! It’s because of those guys who are too intimidated to approach actually hot women that people like this “Snooki” think that even though they aren’t really cute and are fat, fat, fat that they are just as hot as any Playmate.

  44. me

    something tells me that she smells like sweat and bacon.

  45. jay

    what a fucking fat fuck of a dirty ass whore.

    thank you for reading…..she’s a fat ugly whore

  46. Did she gain…weight..???

  47. heather

    public health alert- if you are the color of a barbecued potato chip report directly to the emergency room- this is not normal

  48. PeaceLoveBeauty

    Make a REAL wish!

    make a wish:

    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will be granted…


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