Petra Nemcova wears lingerie, I plot Sean Penn’s death

February 26th, 2008 // 70 Comments

These are shots of Petra Nemcova modeling the latest line of lingerie for La Senza which is Spanish for Olé! As a responsible member of the media (not counting the Jennifer Love Hewitt post below) I shouldn’t say that I expect all women to look like this. Just the ones that will believe I’m a millionaire secret agent who works undercover in his parents’ basement. The futon is government-issued. I can’t say anymore. It’s classified… ladies.

Photos: Splash News

  1. e


  2. Em

    No f’ing way!

  3. George W. Bush


    she’s fucking hot.

    better than ribs from texas.

  4. Bukkake Man

    Dammit, that last pic just made me splooge all over my flatscreen.

  5. D. RIchards (Hungry.)

    I’d eat Petra’s waste: solid, as well as liquid. No doubt.

  6. I DIDN’t f*$k her! I don’t even KNOW her!

  7. Gerald_Tarrant

    She looks better in these pics than the one with Penn the other day. Still not quite top shelf, but better than the speed well. She has some sort of freaky fetish that makes her hook up with complete douchebags. James Blunt and now Sean Penn, her vagina must smell like Springtime in Tuscany with those 2 huge douches around.

  8. George Washington Carver

    I would eat the peanuts out of her… Snickers Bar.

  9. Why do all models have hard to pronounce names (other than the fact that no one is “reading” for their name)? I hardly ever see a model named “Jane” or “Sally Jones”?

  10. Auntie Kryst

    Penn you lucky fucking mick!

  11. jag

    @Fashion Sheriff Cowgirl :
    Because not everybody is from an English speaking state?

  12. Texas Tranny

    Very nice……………………..

  13. i just feel bad for her ex boyfriend

    the guy got dragged out of the bed he was in with her during the tsunami in thailand a few years back and died out at sea.

    he is missing out on this?!?!?!?

    makes me sad

  14. True dat 11, true dat. They like to import them models from overseas. R there plain-named models exported to Russia then?

  15. Vince Lombardi

    awww, Auntie. No need to be jealous of that prick. He’s a liberal, she’s a Commie. Brian Piccolo told me so. Nice Italian kid, even for a Bear.

  16. ph7

    Wow – did any other chicks fall out of that tsunami tree?

  17. The Man From U.N.C.L.E

    I love me some Eastern Bloc girls.

  18. Famous Anus



  19. gits

    She’s a size 2, and really, there’s not much difference between her and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  20. Auntie Kryst

    @Damnit Coach, that’s what makes me worried. Their backgrounds make them a perfect co-dependent couple. The Paddy and the Bohunk both have genetic predispositions to alcoholism. Of course I don’t know if vodka people mix with whiskey people (like cats and dogs I hear). I don’t know, sounds like Namath and Van Doren all over again.

  21. Funny @ 16—Did you give her the “bill” for tsunami damages?

  22. G.I.R.L.

    Makes. Me. Want. To. Puke.

  23. G.I.R.L.

    Makes. Me. Want. To. Puke.

  24. #20 Auntie, vodka people and whiskey people mix just fine!! I should know..

  25. @12 I like how some hot lingerie got you out of the closet..

  26. esther

    The lingerie is absolutely lovely

  27. Jennifer

    I am just a bit curious…Her profile was found on millionaire dating site”BillionaireCupid dot com’last week.

  28. Daniel

    these are awkward and clunky

  29. froginabasket

    Ow. The Photoshopping is hurting my eyes… I just don’t understand why it’s necessary with people like Petra Nemcova, because I’ve seen un-Photoshopped paparazzi pictures of her where her skin is flawless. Personally, I like being able to see the skin’s texture — that way I feel like I’m not looking at a robot. Of course, I’m saying this to a group of horny, middle-aged men who live with their mothers, so….

  30. roberta

    I just noticed that she has wonky eyes and now it’s all I can look at.

    At least her body is still great though.

  31. FCS

    She’s purdy

  32. THis is SO nasty, why is she hooking up with HIM!!!!ahhhhhh

  33. bob

    she’s hot and all, but i think robin wright (penn?) is hotter. older, sure, but still hotter.

  34. no, thank you

    To be photoshoped to heck, they’re pretty bad.
    I don’t find Nemcova anything to gawk at.
    Her face and head are completely shaped like a potato, she has small, ugly-shaped saggy boobs, flat saggy ass, her body looks flaccid and huge on the waist and I don’t like her shape. She’s curveless and flaccid. And she’s glamed up to heck and photoshoped, looking her best possible in these photos. Sorry but no. She’s nothing but an average girl you wouldn’t look at twice if you saw her walking down the street. You can call me a hater, you can call me whatever, but I don’t give a flying fuck. I don’t find this girl to be hot and that’s it, the honest truth.

  35. Ms. Morals

    I think she is a lovely lady.

  36. El Ces

    Hmm, wasn’t it Dakota Fanning’s birthday a couple days ago?
    How old is she now?

  37. Tapeworm

    What does this have to do with Kim Kardashian?

  38. Spiraticus

    She must like old farts.

  39. Ms. Whiplash

    Looking at her makes my self-esteem hurt. What a gorgeous woman!

  40. 20-20 eyesight

    To all the pathetic people trying to be critical:

    You’re fooling no one. She’s 100 times hotter than you on your best day. We all know that. Save your barbs, they only make you look foolish.

  41. Elk

    If they are going to photoshop that much they might as well just put the lingerie on a mannequin and photoshop face on it.

  42. Have some more vinegar

    ^^^^^ taste the bitterness

  43. sweetnsnooty

    thank god that stupid ass fake tan is gone, like she was swimming in yellow paint, not bad lookin’ I’d hit it

  44. Gorillas123

    Let me preface this by saying she’s absolutely gorgeous — but yeah, agreed, these are for sure photoshopped. She looks noticeably “bigger” (it pains me to use that word about a girl this size) in the pics w/ Sean Penn…

  45. D. Richards (Looking.)

    Frist, come back. Come back and play nice.

    I will.

  46. … for the first wife-beating incident. Mr. Penn likes his victims stupid.

  47. ophrahs minge

    my dick just exploded!

  48. hmm

    she doesn’t really scream “Sexy”. i don’t think she “Works it”. i don’t know, she’s attractive but i see little girl not sex pot

  49. Rob

    she’s a perfect doll, love this gal!

  50. lipper

    She has a sweet look about her, with a dynamite body. And the lingerie really is tasteful and sexy. Hard to do. Wish I looked that good, wow!

    But seriously? I have to wonder about a girl dating an serious ass hole like Sean Penn. Makes no sense.

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