Petra Nemcova plays for the skins

February 12th, 2008 // 103 Comments

Petra Nemcova poses topless for the latest ad campaign for Rampage jeans. She looks so good I’m tempted to buy a pair myself and go cruising the mall for chicks. The jeans look a little tight but that means I can show the ladies the “rampage” in my pants. Unless I black out from the loss of circulation to my nads and suffer a concussion. Wait, I’ll just wear a football helmet. Damn. This is almost too easy…

Photos: Splash News

  1. Grunion

    She looked hotter the last time I fucked her.

  2. Unshopped, I bet her legs in jeans look more like chopsticks in paper towel tubes. I wonder if she freaks out and grabs a tree when they blow the dramatic hair fans at her..?

  3. FCS

    I’d like to get to know her in the biblical sense.

  4. gotmilk?

    she looks downright possessed in the last picture.

    and i thought that was Hayden in the rampage ad. they photoshopped the crap out of her.

  5. Dick Richards (Scatman.)

    Petra is gorgeous. And she’s tough as nails: Petra survived the biggest disaster in recorded history with no more than a crushed pelvis. Although her pelvis was mangled, she still managed to pull herself in to a tree and wait for eight, fucking hours, until she was rescued. Tough.

    Before the Tsunami, she was in her hotel’s lobby, waiting to leave the island. The Tsunami came and she, and her fiance were sucked from the building, like turds. He didn’t survive. She hasn’t seen him since.

    Petra seems like a good person. She’s healthy, not skinny — Beautiful and nice, and smart. She speaks five languages. She’s perfect, in my opinion. I find her irresistible.

    At this point, you may be asking yourself how I know all of this information about ‘Pet’, as I call her. Well, by day I barely work, but at night, I hone all of my energies for stalking Pet-Pet. I follow her all over the world — London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Milan. I tap her cell phone. I bug her hotel rooms. I broke her relationship with James ‘Fag’ Blunt. Once, I even stole her purse (oddly there was nothing inside). I don’t want to hurt, Petra. Nor, do I don’t want to rape her. I couldn’t hurt something so pretty; the only reason for me to infiltrate Petra’s life is to know for a fact if, indeed, pretty girls defecate.

    I have bugged her toilets: still no evidence.

  6. Biff Henderson

    I just splooged onto my computer screen.

  7. my comment

    Way too much bleach in her hair. Just awful looking and cheap.

    The jeans are ugly.

    Not to mention the MINK CHAIR she’s leaning on in that photo-shopped picture. PETA anyone?

  8. Bigheadmike

    We have a new top of the list……

  9. Michelle DD

    shes so annoying !

    btw, i wanna be photoshoped too.

  10. Anonymous

    Dick Richards,

    Don’t quit your day job, dude. You suck at comedy, although I have to give you props for trying.

  11. Not hot, not even pretty

    Don’t like her… NOT hot, NOT hot, NOT hot, NOT pretty.

    Now have you guys seen how Kim Kardashian looked topless in the ad campaign of some jeans, way before Petra did hers? seems very copycat to me, only there’s no way for Petra Nemcova in the luckiest day of her whole life to approach Kim Kardashian’s hotness and good looks even in a 1%.

  12. ROFLOL @ #9

    #9 muahah muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaahahahah
    you really are GAY and TASTELESS!
    just compare, beauty speaks by itself:

    You said that just because you’re gay, tasteless, and a racist, and incredibly ignorant, and any woman who shows the smallest bit of a tan of or a dark complexion is not white to you hence you can’t like her because you only like ugly white chicks (or white little boys). (You’re that insane racist gay freak that posts as D. Richards too).
    Breadface or butterface… that’s what Nemcova is, she’s ugly!!!
    Kardashian is an incredibly stunning goddes of beauty and hotness.

  13. Nemcova has one flat ass

    Flat booty anyone?
    She’s ugly, sorry guys, it’s the truth. Very NOT hot.

    She’s photoshoped to death and stuffed in tight jeans and still her ass looks ugly and flat as a pancake.
    Not hot.

  14. susieqzie

    She looked soooo much prettier with her natural brown hair! Why do they have to give her the same boring, plastic, Jessica Simpson-Mermaid-barbie long wavy blonde extensions as every other starlet in Hollywood?
    Other than that though, she’s lovely.

  15. Grunion

    #61 Kim, don’t you have anything better to do with your time? Oh yeah probably not. Those 12 hour daily electrolysis sessions don’t leave alot of spare time I guess.

  16. Hot

    She is beautiful. I like her curves. Not a skeletor man boy like some of the models you see today. People who are saying crap are just jealous.

  17. Ted from LA

    So what you’re saying is that she is a tree hugger?

  18. Jayhawk

    It makes me wanna barf when I hear people say she’s ugly. That is bullshit, I have seen her on youtube and inmany video, and she is possibly the most beautiful woman in the world. It’s all what you’re opinion is but come on now. She is better looking than most of the models I have seen.

  19. Fucked up world

    What a bunch Of losers around here. All these blogs are friggin insult machines. I can see people pissing all over the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and other hoes, but Petra is fucking gorgeous, photoshopped or not. Probably the most beautiful woman ever. I’d fuck her day and night.

  20. D. Richards (Hung.)

    Hey, Ted! She would be!

    I’m that large. Seriously.

  21. D. Richards (Neo-Racist.)

    #62? What in the fuck are you talking about?

  22. Jealous People Suck

    Petra also does a lot of charity work in addition to being smoking hot. She’s a classic beauty. #62 STFU.

  23. She's ugly

    Oh my god, some people have issues and are so incredibly brainwashed by the media that they are BLIND.

    Honestly, as honestly as honest can be, hands down, I look at this chick and I truly can’t see an ounze of beauty or of hotness in her. I find her very unattractive. She looks like the unattractive boring woman selling bread at the bakery down the street. I’ve seen millions of women way, way, WAAAAAAY more beautiful than her in my life and I just have to get out to the street to see one who is definitely soooo much prettier than her.
    Please, look at her. There’s some really beautiful famous women out there like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, if you want me to mention a model, Adriana Lima. But this chick is as far from hot as ice is. I don’t see any prettiness or any beauty in her AT ALL, by far, I find her very unattractive.
    Just look at her, ewwww:

    Some of you people need a freking TASTE

  24. no, thank you

    I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot stick.

  25. haha

    This is so funny, I just showed my friend who is from another country and has never heard of Petra Nemcova these pictures of her, then I asked him what he thought. He said she was very average, leaning towards the ugly side, he would reject her if he had the chance to bang her because he doesn’t find her good looking.

    Goes to show you how brainwashed some people are. Please don’t insult beautiful woman and the word ‘beauty’ by calling this completely unattractive woman ‘beautiful’. I understand why women say she’s good looking though. That’s because she’s not, and they don’t feel threatened by her. They hate chicks like Kardashian because she’s fucking hot and they know she would make their boyfriend’s dicks rock hard, but they like Petra Nemcova because they don’t feel outshined by her and they know she wouldn’t give their boyfriends any kind of erection.

  26. You're Retarded

    HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU SAY THIS GIRL IS UGLY! She is very cute, great smile, nice body, and really nice eyes too. If you saw her with sports illustrated in the videos, she looks beautiful, and much better than almost 90% of women.

  27. D. Richards (Slob.)

    #73? You’re just making yourself look bad.

    How much you weigh, heffer?

  28. D. Richards (Racist.)

    What the fuck are you people talking about; You’re kidding, right?

    Kardashian is gypsy scum. How many of you people down playing Petra are negro?

    #75. Your ‘friend’ is a European faggot.

  29. Glasses help your eyesight

    Petra is a fucking gift and If you don’t appreciate her go fuck yourself.

  30. #78 is a gay pedophile

    Oh no, dear, get your facts right, you’re ignorant racist scum. Kardashian is Armenian/Iranian (Southern European/Arab), not gypsy. Gypsies are a very different kind of people, located especially in some places in Romania, Spain, Portugal and some other countries. Not everyone who has an olive skin tone and is dark complex is gypsy.
    And anyway, everyone who reads the comment section of this website every now and then knows that you are a pretty damn insane racist redneck, gay and pedophile too. Wether you say this chick is hot or is not doesn’t count because you don’t call women hot based on their beauty and looks, you do it based on their race. You’d say Rosie O’Donnell is so much hotter and prettier than Kim Kardashian only beause Rosie O’Donnell is white and Kim Kardashian is ‘gypsy’ (your words). Pretty pathetic.

    People is beautiful or not regardless of their race (even though sometimes it helps). And, I’m sorry, but all striaght negro men think Kim Kardashian is hot as hell, yes, but also all white men do, especially them, they think Kim K is to die for. Just go to Petra’s land and ask the men there what they like. Oh yeah, they like gypsies, not ‘whites’, no Nemcovas. Ask any man from North/Central/Eastern or anything past Southern Europe what chicks they prefer, oh yeah, they like them latin and dark (they drool for Spain girls and South America girls) and I don’t care Kardashian is not latin because she looks latin. Funny thing is, negro men, latin men and South Europe men also prefer them latin.

  31. Kim is fat

    Who cares about Kim big ass-what’s her name? Her ass is too big and she looks like a super freak. If you tried to squeeze her into Petra’s jeans, she’d split the goddamned seams so shut up and quit your bitching about Petra.

  32. Ur funny

    Kardashian looks like Borat, to say She’s better than Petra is a frigging joke

  33. #81 and 82

    It’s not Kim Kardashian’s fault that your boyfriend jerks off thinking of her and that he would never look twice at Nemcova.

    There’s no straight man in this world that would think Petra Nemcova is even close to Kim Kardashian’s beauty and hotness, by far.
    Pictures don’t lieeeeeeeeee:

    Picture above looks like the beauty and the beast Nemcova.

  34. Acne and a unibrow

    Yea, I looked at your pic and I still think Petra is prettier, by FAAAAARRRRR. Kim has acne in that picture and she also has a unibrow type of thing that I never noticed before. The only reason she’s famous is because she’s Robert Kardashian’s daughter and because she let somebody piss on her. This post isn’t even about Kim so WTF are you doing bringing her big fat butt up anyway?

    Why don’t you post a picture of yourself? MOOOOOOOOO!

  35. Ur funny

    Kardashian is the frigging beast. HAHA a big black unibrow. yuck. I’m actually not a jealous bitch cause i’m a dude. Petra is a friggin beauty.

  36. jealous much, #84?


    Why don’t you go ask your boyfriend who’s hotter? oh, I know why, that’s because you already know the answer and you’re way too afraid of showing him a picture of Kim because of how hot she is and it may cause him and instant rock hard erection. He jerks off to Kim Kardashian daily. He doesn’t even know who Petra whatever is though, and doesn’t care.
    All you saw is your jealousy. Kim is stunning and you know it, that’s why you hate her. You now Petra is NOT, that’s why you like her.
    The only reason Kim Kardashian is famous is because of how hot she is.
    There’s no comparison between the two. It’s like comparing Cleopatra (Kim) to the breadmaster down the street. If you wanna call someone fat, you got Nemcova for that. Fat arms, fat tummy, flat butt, ugly small boobs, saggy body, ugly butterface. Kim’s got curves in all the right places. Stunning face, heart-stopping ass, perfect boobs, small waist, perfectly toned.
    Only an ugly jealous bitch or a gay racist pedophile like D. Richards would say such unnattractive butterface can compare to Kim Kardashian, one of the hottest and most stunning women in the world.

  37. Ur funny

    Go post on the friggin Kim Kardashian fan site for cripes sake.

  38. You didn’t have enough, jealous bitches? Here you’ve got more:

    Hahahaha. A stunning exotic goddess of hotness next to an ugly unattractive butterface.
    Oh, and ugly jealous bitches, stop pretending you’re men because it only makes you UGLIER. Everyone knows that no straight man in this world doesn’t find Kim Kardashian anything less than insanely hot.

  39. Ur funny

    Kim is an ugly unattractive butta

  40. ixxy

    She looks way better brunette… I don’t like this pissy yellow.

  41. D. Richards (Racist Pedo.)

    #80? Kardashian comes from a long line of Gypsies. It’s common knowledge.

    And, please, don’t be so boring next time.

  42. U R a Doomass

    You’re whack. First, I don’t care who my bf beats off to as long as he has sex with me and only me. Next, I am sure that he would choose Petra over Kim as he has told me that he thinks she’s hot on numerous occasions and I agree. Kim could crush him with her huge ass and I know not many men want to be with chicks who outweigh them. Except for yours, of course. Now, run along and go stalk Kim and tell her to tame that unibrow while you’re at it.

  43. Miss

    I don’t care who you are and what your perference is, no one can say Petra is not attractive, unless of course they are either blind or jealous. She is insanly beauitful and so is Kim Kardasian. But i just can’t hear someone saying this girl is ugly because she is stunning by anyones’ standards.

  44. ..

    Don’t liker her.

  45. Happy Valentine's Day

    Petra, Ur gorgeous, will U be my Valentine?

  46. yurkidding right?

    As a hetero guy, this one’s outta yer league, kimmy and kimmy-stalker. Follow the links to the other shoot or check out the SI swimsuit editions and then try to continue to delude yourself that a comparison is even rational. Bless your credit card fraud ambitiousness and the fame you’ve accomplished by being publicly pissed-upon, but one might consider selecting other battles of superficialness.

  47. kate

    oh, GOD, so nice discussion , would you love enjoy something new…? it would be more interesting…sweet, hot….Wow writing words is not the same as catching my eyes and enjoying the hot video across the room and smiling

  48. eLLybeLLy

    U guys r big fuckin jerks!..who cares if its photoshopped?..Seriously?..She is so Gorgeous!!…She is the best!…Stop saying dumb things about her!…U guys r just making ur self look bad!

  49. U guys r big fucking jerks u know it?…who cares if its photoshooped?…..She looks totally gorgeous!..and ur all just jealous!…Those jeans r the best!…I so need a pair! lol!!…..Just stop saying mean stuff about her..ur just making ur self look bad!

  50. oops!..i mean *photoshopped!*

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