Petra Nemcova plays for the skins

February 12th, 2008 // 103 Comments

Petra Nemcova poses topless for the latest ad campaign for Rampage jeans. She looks so good I’m tempted to buy a pair myself and go cruising the mall for chicks. The jeans look a little tight but that means I can show the ladies the “rampage” in my pants. Unless I black out from the loss of circulation to my nads and suffer a concussion. Wait, I’ll just wear a football helmet. Damn. This is almost too easy…

Photos: Splash News

  1. Sarah

    She is gorgeous, but this is totally photoshopped.

  2. Sarah, who care??

    This is so much better than Ashely’s chin..

  3. Sarah, who cares??

    This is so much better than Ashely’s chin..

  4. notapc

    Nobody cares. Photoshop the shit out of her. Bring it ON!

  5. whatever

    #1 – Everything is photoshopped these days. Ever thumbed through a Victoria’s secret catalogue? I don’t think guys could give a shit if she is actually half ape/half donkey if the finished product looks like the above specimen. I could be wrong, though.

  6. lipper

    Damn, I’m a chick but she looks hot! I want a pair of those jeans!

  7. biteme

    Whats with the lazy eye

  8. nipolian

    Better yet…….what’s with the big ass scab on her knee? Petra – you nastey little thing you.

  9. Auntie Kryst

    I wonder if she ever vacationed in Phuket again? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I’m just so glad we got rid of communism. Look at all the great looking eastern European women we now have prancing around. For all you Kim K loving bedwetters, this is what hot is.

  10. God damn! Petra is more captivating than a triple-cunted hooker!

  11. Cupid

    She’s hot, but those jeans don’t do her any justice and they are butt ugly. We are really looking at the girl, and not the jeans. Levis and Wrangler are so much better looking from the back.

  12. robin

    WHY CAN”T ANYONE STAY A BRUNETTE!!!!!!!!????????????????????

    Must everyone go blonde? It doesn’t even suit her! Hate it. She was pretty as she was. What the hell? Can’t anyone be an original?

  13. Mike

    #11, you’re right. She should take those ugly jeans right off. And never be allowed to put anything else on. Some women should just be naked.

  14. Sam

    Ms. Hewitt – this is what an ass should look like. Not what each cheek should look like, but the entire ass.

  15. FRT

    Petra…could you please have my baby…???

    Pretty please with sugar on top…???

    No…I didn’t think so…!!!

  16. It’s only photoshopped a little. Here’s what her ass looks like nearly naked (from a lingerie shoot, wearing only a tiny g-string). Judge for yourself.

  17. Chazzi

    You need to see this!!!!!

  18. feg


  19. suck it bitch

    16, is that a picture of your ex? Freak.

  20. Ferg

    She’s like a sexy Natalie Portman, one you’d like to frame and put up on the wall, the other you’d like to do dirty, nasty things too…

  21. feg

    do you get a kick back for promoting people appearing in an advertisement?
    when does an advertisement become a story? just curious.

  22. IanY77

    ……aaaaaaand that sound you just heard was my penis exploding.

  23. Cindy

    #22 all I heard was a barely perceptible single drip, as if from the world’s tiniest faucet. Sorry about that, dude.

  24. She is HIDEOUS!!!! Gross!!

    I’m just kidding, I’d kill for her body right about now..

  25. Dude

    seriously… I want her now!! she is flawless

    fuck the long distance relationships. Where are u petra? i’ll fly in right now,baby

  26. JealousChick

    Those photos are just depressing. My boyfriend does not get lucky tonight.

  27. @26 Why would you cut your boyfriend off just becasue there is a hot chick out there??

  28. JealousChick

    I need down time to rebuild my self esteem. He needs me confident.

  29. kitty_kat

    She’s cute! But not uber-hot in my opinion.
    @#9- Kim K. has a nice figure (albeit torally plastic).

  30. kitty_kat

    @#9- Mmm… except for the ass. That shit’s just too big.

  31. Jayhawk

    Petra, Petra, Petra. Easily the best looking model I have ever seen. Very versitle as well. She’s had one fucked up career though. All she really does now is attend celebrity parties desperate for a boyfriend. She is really beautiful, but something is not right after the tsunami, I actually feel bad for her.

  32. haqikah

    She looks animated.

  33. Jenniferxx

    yea , she looks miserable. what happened to her?? haha, I saw some cool videos about her on BillionaireCupid dot com, maybe they just joking. but those couldn’t be true and she does not care.

  34. Mike

    I want to hold her while she makes poopy.

  35. sicasso

    she was hotter before the tsunami. tsunamis fuck you up in so many ways. they wreck your islands, your homes, your third world poverty, your super deluxe, all-inclusive resort vacation hotels. most of all, they wreck your good looks. poor, poor petra. we’ll always have those pre-tsunami memories. and that HPV.

  36. Emmyem

    WHO EVEN CARES ABOUT THIS PERSON? Yeas, she PHOTOSHOPPE-OLICIOUS for you manly men out there, and that’s OK. But ALL THESE PICS and NO scoop?
    COME ON FISH. Isn’t this “The Superficial, BECAUSE YOU’RE UGLY?”
    Not meaning we only need to see ugly people, but just not BORING NOBODIES.

  37. dumbfounded

    God brought his A-game the day he made this one. Dream on, Kimmy et al.

  38. Skip Smith

    She’s fat.

  39. jgfisogds

    lazy eye

  40. Googlybits

    Give me a break – her waist is doctored in Photoshop. Nobody has such an extreme ratio – the proportions on the back are all wrong, and look very different from the photos .

    The media is literally turning beautiful women into plasticized sex dolls. Give me a break. Sure, she looks hot — in reality.

  41. asteadyrain

    It’s just some woman posing for photographs — why is this even noteworthy?

  42. Anal Fistula

    #9 said it all…forget about Kim Backyardassian…this is a seriously hot woman who isn’t famous for letting some dude pee on her.

  43. Todd Smith

    Petra is a really interesting model. Check out this ManagedQ search to see what i mean:

  44. Todd Smith

    Petra is a really interesting model. Check out this ManagedQ search to see what i mean:

  45. Todd Smith

    Petra is a really interesting model. Check out this ManagedQ search to see what i mean:

  46. If i had her body i would wear such jeans, but the reality is so cruel

  47. jessi

    #16 I wish I wouldn’t have clicked on that link…. you are definitely a sick fuck. Thats just nasty.

  48. justtheobvious

    damn she is beautiful

  49. beyonce

    Mmmm, It seems she is dating online now. I saw her profile on millionaire dating site called W e a l t h yR o m a n c e .com last week.

  50. Pilatunes

    I am so glad I married her.

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