Petra Nemcova is a blessing, a HOT blessing

September 19th, 2007 // 100 Comments

While some celebrities are doing drugs, neglecting their kids and committing armed robbery, Petra Nemcova is just causing erections. How pure and refreshing is that? You’re having a rough day, your boss is on your case and, oh, here comes Petra – to give you a boner. Some might say she’s more of a saint than Mother Teresa. And by some, I mean me. And my penis.


  1. Aja

    hey Ladyjane, you speak like one who never gets fucked – moron.

  2. Jeans

    She is no saint…if you forgot fish…she was the one who was using laxatives to maintain her weight!

  3. jrzmommy

    51–OOOOOP, oh no you di’int.

  4. Anal Phlegm Munch

    I would “love rape” this lustful twat!

  5. Edie

    Anyone can be a “hot blonde”

    doesn’t that ever get boring for you stupig guys?

  6. Italian Stallion

    I wonder if she’s still water logged……….

  7. K-A Campbell

    can’t wait until she gets FAT and we can all make fun of her FAT ass.

  8. Nikk

    #40 -

    Isn’t there a cross you should be burning?

    Petra’s boring as hell. No spark. No “oomph”. She just shows up to various events and smiles. That’s it.

  9. MrSemprini

    TT, make sure you got two pair on. I definitely don’t want to see anything swinging.

  10. white is right

    Hey aja,

    I never said there weren’t any ugly or fat white women, just ask the black guys who date them. I was just saying that on average there are many more beautiful white people than any other race. Just like on average there are many more white geniuses than any other race. Doesn’t take a brown genius to figure that one out!

  11. LauraE

    #40, the face features you like so much originate from India
    and Idians are not white
    sorry !

  12. Ok

    awesome, another blond model. How original, how….wait a second, how many damn blond models does this fucking world need? It’s too bad the tsunami didn’t take her with it. Blech, BORING.

  13. jrzmommy

    61–Are Idians purple? Are they from the land of Idiot………Are you an Idian, Laura?

  14. Lexoka

    Well Superfish, I never thought I’d ear myself say that, but I agree with your penis.

  15. kitty_kat

    #60- Are you for real?
    Oh- and if you were so smart you would know that the IQ test has come under fire for being very much cultural. If there are more certified caucasian geniuses than any other race, that’s the reason why… Sorry!

    Anyway, I think Petra is pretty. And she’s WAY better than Alessandra Ambrosio. I’m just glad the Fish is over that one. But he seems to have this really weird obsession over that Hayden whats-her-face now.

  16. Nikk

    Upon closer inspection…I will say that she does have nice feet.

    That’s it.

    The rest of her vexes me.

  17. MrSemprini

    White Power forever! Until we all become tan.. Tan Power forever!

  18. I’d prefer an undressing. Boing!

  19. Texas Tranny


  20. myopinionifucare

    she’s beautiful, but looks much better with her natural brown hair color

  21. Sociopath

    I’d hit it.
    I like her.
    I usually hate models.

  22. Captain Sloppy

    I like that picture where she’s blowing a kiss it’s… hold on. She’s not blowing a kiss, she’s got a booger on her finger and she’s trying to get rid of it without wiping it on her dress. How classy is that?

  23. Aja

    Anyone care to take a dump in my mouth? Watch me get fucked in a Mexican donkey show!

  24. Aja

    lol – I have to admit that is funny- look at how blacks are with fat ugly white women all the time. However, maybe Halle Barry is beautiful cause she is half black and not the other way around. Her mother is a white woman, but an ugly one. Yet, alot of black people are ugly and apelike. But alot of whites look like shit too.

  25. Kaya

    Everyone can be a hot blonde my ass!

  26. Kaya

    If everyone could be a hot blonde then there wouldn’t be so many ugly women running around. But she did look better w/ brown hair, I think. But don’t try to say her looks are ordinary – they aren’t.


    If anyone can be a hot blonde, I’d like to see Britney Spears looking like this.

    But I guess you actually need hair to be any hair color

  28. Stephanie

    I like how she’s classily hiding her missing leg.

    She’s pretty, in that generic way.

  29. I know what you mean, see, I know REALLY what you mean.

  30. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    I want to take her back to Thailand and make her cling to my unit for 12 hours.

    #77 “I’d like to see Britney Spears looking like this.” And I want a toilet made out of gold, but it ain’t gonna happen.

  31. Liz

    She is drop dead gourgeus and natural. She has a unique look and i love her skin tone and hair. and to white is right- you have been taught by society to think what you think. Society constantly reminds us what we should look like, esp. here in America. All woman are beauitful and men have there own taste. some like blondes some like Asians, etc. i think the most attractive woman are those that are mixed with something other then white, and i’m a white girl. i love the adrianna lima dark brazilian look.

  32. White is might

    Actually Liz it’s you who’s been ‘taught’ what is beautiful a-la the multiculturalists (Neo-communists) and homosexuals permeating the fashion industry and entertainment industry of today, all in the name of ‘fairness’ to other races. I suppose you believe that all cultures are equal too, and that when the great Vikings left their shores thousands of years ago, sailed and came upon brown people who were still chasing their food around, there was no difference in advancement? Even as a small boy of 4 or 5 I was attracted to blonde girls. No one taught me that, I distinctly remember that they had that special something…that they looked like sunlight on earth. The fact is that the natural blonde genome is rare, and recessive when mixed with another race. If you had any clue about natural selection and an understanding of genetics you would realize the reason so many men from other races long to date & marry true blondes is that they want a piece of that rare and attractive genome. Their brown mixed kids may not be as brown if they marry a blonde. Just ask Tiger Woods and his money-grubbing blonde wife from sweden. Or that freak Seal and his blonde model wife. Men are constantly trying to improve their genetic ‘lot’ by seeking out the most attractive females. That’s the same reason you don’t see many blonde white men marry outside their race. They subconciously recognize the rarity and distinctness of their genes and want to maintain that for their kids.

  33. Man, white supremacists are retarded

    What’s up with those champagne flutes? Are you supposed to stab one into a passing servant if you want to set it down? I assume when it’s empty, you just chuck it in the direction of somebody who isn’t rich or famous.

    Oh, and thanks for the cutting-edge eugenics lesson, White is Might. Right out of a circa-1920 high school biology book, that stuff. Dimwit.

  34. indeed hot blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

    love u petra!

  35. Liz

    I think men of color that seek white woman because they feel like they are closer to living a white mans life, which is who sets the standard. i don’t ness. think that’s who they think is the most beauiful. i personally don’t find Tiger Woods wife beauitful, blonde or not she has plain features and bone thin hair and a straight body. Also, i don’t know many woman who find blonde white men attractive. As for myself i perfer to date outside of my race because i find it boring to date within, plus i dont find white men attractive unless they are mixed. They have no sexual appeal that’s why we date out of our race. Also, i do beleive we are told what to like or find beauiful and white men run all the companies, advertisment, etc so of course they are going to advertise us. If black or latin men were in the position of power for 100′s of years then their woman would be the standard. And even as a child you were taught what to like , i’m sure when you were 4 or 5 you say little blonde dolls and barbies dolls. it’s just sad that you are so closed minded and hateful of woman. it’s probably cause you are not attractive and only woman in your own race would date you.

  36. Liz

    Oh, and another reason I date men outside my race, is because they are magical, and they carry around glistening shining stuff in baggies, like, you know, someone’s eyeball (That’s hott!!! Total hottness!!!).

    OK, time for me to leave. I have to go pull a train in a dumpster; it’s my daily nooner. Hey, wanna watch a video of me humping and pumping in a dumpster?

  37. Soren

    White is might
    The “blonde gene” is only “rare” because it’s dying out due to the very reason that not enough blondes are procreating with each other. In the future, there will no longer be natural blondes. Find another theory.

    White makes right
    Join the discussion when you figure out what “normative standards” mean and when you’ve taken a college history course. Western thought did not originate in Europe nor with white people. There are geniuses everywhere–that you think there are more white geniuses only shows how ignorant you are.

  38. And one more thing, you racists make me sick.

    Now, I have got an appointment with a glory hole; I’m gonna get banged in the ass by anonymous winos and make it into a gay sex vid. Now I hope that shows you how intellectually inferior you are to me.

    If anyone would like to see either samples of my gay sex vids or an intellectual primer on race that I put together, go to my site.

  39. Soren


    What a mature way to win the argument! I’m a girl genius so yes I do like men. I only used the name Soren because I like Kierkegaard.

  40. White alright!

    #69 The blonde gene is rare because it is recessive! It was rare before it became hip to politically correct sociologist propoganda (blondes are dying out, let’s celebrate!). And the blonde gene is not dying out, it’s becoming more selective (just ask me, my wife, and tow-headed son) this is known as populative equilibrium. You get your info from politically correct psuedo-scientists aka sociologists. That’s why there are many more males in hard science than females. No matter what is proven with numbers and reality, you girls just can’t get your ‘feelings’ out of the equation!

    “normative standards” again, is sociology propoganda. You look at the outcome of a phenomenum and call it the source. This is the same logic that says that there are disproportionately more blacks in prison because the justice system is skewed to put them in prison, instead of the simple fact that they as a race commit more crimes per capita.

    Another thing to ponder in your politically correct brainwashed female brain is cold weather theory. Imagine thousands of years ago when the white man inhabited the coldest regions of the arctic north and struggled to eck out a living in the harshest environmental conditions. It prompted him to sail beyond his land, learn machinery, chemistry, and survival skills so that he may survive and PASS ON this ability to learn and adapt quickly to his OFFSPRING. The offspring who adapted quickly and learned from his ancestors was able to pass on his genes to the next generation, and so on.

    Now imagine a warm land with many available natural resources (Africa is calling!) where lethargy and nomadism were all that was required to survive. Why learn how to farm when you can chase your food in the millions of herds roaming the land? Why learn to make a boat when everything you have is right at your disposal? Why have supple palms and feet when you haven’t a need for shoes or clothing? Hello…is this starting to make sense to you?

    And to Liz the self-hating mudshark, once you go black we don’t want you back!

    As for white geniuses, please feel free to add any brownskins to the list if you think you can find them:

    Bill Gates
    Albert Einstein (a jew but white nonetheless)
    Stephen Speilberg (same as above)
    C.S. Lewis
    Steve Wozniak
    Charles Mingus
    Stephen Hawking
    Sigmund Freud
    J.R.R. Tolkien
    John Forbes Nash
    Leonardo da Vinci
    M.C. Escher
    Walt Disney
    Ben Franklin
    Ludwig von Beethoven
    Sigurd F. Olson
    Henry David Thoreau
    Lewis Carol
    Andrew Carnegie
    Vincent van Gogh
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  41. Soren

    Not only are you a racist, you’re also a chauvinist. Wow…you are a winner. Your views are so skewed and biased, I’m not even going to bother refuting your fallacies because it makes COMPLETE sense that nature favors a gene soooo much that the gene is becoming obsolete. Wow…your logic is as mindblowing as Zoolanders. I just can’t win. But you are right: there are not “brown” geniuses WHATSOEVER because YOU don’t know of them.

  42. Soren

    *no brown geniuses

  43. Ummm

    Soren, something tells me #90 is more into trolling than arguing. Not sure what it is, just get that feeling….

  44. Kelly

    White is right is blinded. If you think the human brain is different from race to race then you have turly been brainwashed. It’s funny because many of the genius you listed are from decades ago where blacks or browns were never tested or paid attention to. Also, Walt Disney, Freud and many of the others you listed are Jews so let’s just go ahead and say they are more genius. Most woman don’t like blonde men, it’s just a fact. Ask woman who they want to mate with and i bet you 9 out of 10 will chose the man wtih the darkest features. Why do you think we date out of our race to often? Because white guys are not sexy and they suck in bed. Plus we want our kids to be beauitful and you have a better chance of that if you bread furthered from your gene pool. if i produce a child with a spanish or italian man my kids may have olive skin and thick hair. If i have a child with a white man they won’t . so men are not the only one’s that select, we have to choose who we want to mate with and i’m telling you we think of the same things.

  45. Liz

    Since we did i go black? My fiance is from Argentina and my past boyfriend was from Turkey. Don’t be jealous because i don’t like pasty men like yourself. and self hater? You must be talking about yourself.

  46. Jayhawk

    I fucking love Petra.She’s hot, wears a dress well and owns all those other stick figure models. to hell with the all, Petra’s the only real woman out of the whole bunch.

  47. White_Rose

    Okay,all idiotic comments made by brownskins aside,Petra is HOT.Yes,Eastern Europeans are beautiful. :-)
    I’d never date anyone who’s not white,and I don’t know a single woman who would.
    Kelly are you mentally challenged?It seems to me that you are since you don’t know that Italian and Spanish people (people from Spain) are White.In fact, Italian people are very proud of who they are (they’re one of the most racially aware nations in Europe) and they hate mudsharks more than you can imagine….I love them for that.

  48. its all good

    never seen a prettier woman ever than Petra. fuck these pictures look at all of her modeling pics shes one of a kind and so gorgeous, models were boring to me until I saw her so cute and sexy great smile and really pretty eyes. I mean its 2009 now and shes not as pretty as she was but at her finest she was soooo amazing. I looked at her and though fuck there is a god. stupid celebs like britney and paris are not worthy to be her poop.

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