Petra Nemcova is a blessing, a HOT blessing

September 19th, 2007 // 100 Comments

While some celebrities are doing drugs, neglecting their kids and committing armed robbery, Petra Nemcova is just causing erections. How pure and refreshing is that? You’re having a rough day, your boss is on your case and, oh, here comes Petra – to give you a boner. Some might say she’s more of a saint than Mother Teresa. And by some, I mean me. And my penis.


  1. veggi

    great news! I’ll go find a penis and tell them.

  2. LadyJane

    Who’s spooging on their monitors?

  3. She’s very classic white girl pretty. Not bad at all.

  4. Drunkman

    The things I would eat out of her ass, you have no idea

  5. Delicious. Top 3 of models.

  6. LadyJane

    I’d play flick the bean with her.

  7. sportsdvl

    Hard to type with boner hitting keyboard…

  8. i wants it

    Who made that dress?

    I wants it!

  9. lambman

    wow, she looks good…a bit different and I can’t tell why….but I’ll take it

  10. my comment

    Not very interesting fake blonde.

  11. Thank God she didn’t kick the bucket in that tsunami. Fucking tsunamis.

  12. Now SHE could be a Miss Universe finalist, perhaps representing one of the Scandinavian nations.

  13. No matter how hot she is, somewhere at sometime, some guy got tired of putting up with her crap.
    Completely Redesigned

  14. bob

    9, her hair looks a hell of a lot lighter. i think that’s what it is.

  15. jrzmommy

    She’s pretty AND she can cling to a palm tree for 12 hours at a time……..that girl’s got TALENT!

  16. I want to be the wire that is running through her dress!!!

  17. yes. this is a hot woman. not christina ricci

    yes this looks good

  18. combustion8

    Thank god for that tree.

  19. David Klingelsmith

    Britney’s way hotter

  20. I love evrything about this girl.
    @2 not on my monitor, but in my pretty panties.

    Tee Hee

  21. Nice post. I salute you. With my hands behind my back.

  22. Mandingo

    How uneven do her eyebrows wanna be? If she plucks them I think she may be blind in one eye.

  23. Butch

    One fat eyebrow.

  24. 10. my comment – September 19, 2007 11:46 AM

    Not very interesting fake blonde.

    Just because you’re gay doesn’t doesn’t give you the right to put down girls who are obviously very pretty and have exquisite taste in dresses. Jealous much?

  25. Tom

    Those eastern european girls are gorgeous!

  26. random

    That champagne glass has a horrible design. It can’t be set down. Luckily she has servants to carry it for her lol

  27. George Best

    non naked pictures of hot chicks dont create boners unless you have never seen a woman or cleavage. They are like the marijuana of drugs. Great at first, but once you try heroin, marijuana does nothing for you. If I want a boner, I need moving porn pictures, which is like the heroin of hot chick pics

  28. Boo

    I’d eat that, freak eyebrows and all. I’m sure she keeps it trim where it matters.

  29. Frick!

    Nah, she reminds me of Donald Trump’s daughter too much…Ivanna? Ivanka? AlottaVagina? Yeh, whatever…Anyways, she looks like a super tard in pic #3. And the girls all legs and not much of a waist. She’s not ugly, but she doesn’t impress me either…Yawn.

  30. Nikk

    Ugh, Godddamnit.

    I hate her. She’s so vanilla and boring.

  31. FagHag


    In the boy or girl past puberty, we find one of the most dangerous forms of masturbation, i.e., mental masturbation, which consists of forming mental pictures, or thinking obscene or voluptuous pictures. This form is considered especially harmful to the brain, for the habit becomes so fixed that it is almost impossible to free the thoughts from lustful pictures

  32. Aja

    This girl has no edge and looks like a smiling idiot all the time. She looks also, like a damn prude. Boy, that boyfriend of hers died in that tsunami and she got over it in three seconds. Boring bland smiling idiot bitch retard

  33. wedgeone

    Thx for breaking up the Britney & O.J. show with this wonderfully yummy photo spread. And by spread I mean her legs.
    MMmmph – mmmmmmmmmph – mmmph -mm – mmmmmmmmmmppphhhh!

  34. Petra is worthless shit; only Britney counts! Come to my site and watch my videos you putrid stinking cornhole eaters! Click my name, you stupid vapid simpletons, you worthless bags of shit! My videos will water the arid deserts between your ears! If you don’t watch my videos then you can all just curl up and die!

    P.S. I’m all about positivity!!!

  35. sportsdvl

    #32, the Tsunami was several years ago and I find it interesting how you know how “quickly” she got over losing him. you my friend, are a loser.

  36. LadyJane

    Aja speaks like one who is constipated.

  37. leatherdaddy

    she reminds me of donald j trumps daughter too. what has alessandra ambrosio been up? now there is a goddess! from another land who stays all natural.

  38. Lindsay Lohan

    Hollywood social climber or probably a courtesan. She just goes around fucking celebs. I wonder how much she charge per hour.

  39. Dumbass

    actually these pictures suck, I’ve seen her way sexier

  40. White makes right

    @3 & @30,

    Can’t stand that white people are generally always better looking than brownskins? European people’s superior looks that are present today were based on natural selective breeding for superior looks in our history. Evidence of this is that even though we may consider Halle Berry ‘hot’ even though she’s black, it’s her european features that make her attractive. Same goes for hispanic women, it’s the influence from the Spanish (European) genome, not the indian genome of the Aztecs. Do you see many superfine asians walking around? Not usually unless they’re mixed with white people. The lesson here to all you brownskins degenerating white beauty is that you don’t have it in your genes to be beautiful, unless you steal from the white man.

  41. Robert

    she is hot but most of the time she has that annoying fake smile. Her eyes look dead.

  42. SuperModel Hot List

    1. Heidi Klum
    2.Alessandra Ambrosio
    3. Gisele Bundchen
    4. Adriana Lima
    5. Karolina Kurkova
    7.Josie Moran
    8. Marissa Miller
    9.Fernanda Tavares
    10. Natalia Vodianova

    Gorgeous, but not at the top :)

  43. Jessica

    She looks gorgeous in that main picture, but as soon as she full-on smiles she crosses the line from pretty to annoying for me.

    Her hair looks incredible though.

  44. PunkA

    She boned James Blunt. End of story…….

  45. Riotboy


  46. MrSemprini

    I wish these women would wear underwear. If I’m looking up a girl’s skirt, I want to see panties, not hair.

  47. @46
    Yes, pretty panties

  48. Jessica Simpson

    She’s so hot I’m turning gay! For sure I would make poopie on her!

  49. Mike Jenkins

    This site has a heterosexual male writer?

  50. Aja

    hey white – how do you explain all the ugly white women as well? you asshole inbred piece of shit.

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