Petra Nemcova has horrible taste in men

May 15th, 2007 // 59 Comments

Petra Nemcova, who recently broke up with James Blunt, rebounded with Paris Hilton’s ex Stavros Niarchos. The two were spotted making out at Bungalow 8 recently as they partied with Stavros’ friend Brandon Davis.

“She was grinding him,” our witness said. “It was pretty gross. I mean, he used to sleep with Paris. Eww.”

I didn’t think it was possible, but this chick has worse taste in men than Pamela Anderson. Stavros Niarchos? Jesus, he used to bang Paris Hilton. Petra would be better off dating a syringe filled with syphilis.



  1. Greg


  2. Simone

    More AIDS gags, please!

  3. This girl is walking a ledge in a tsunami.

  4. crazyneil

    yeah but she is so hot

  5. i thought he was already a syringe filled with syphillis. oh well, more syphillis for everyone!

  6. Danner

    Very hot!

  7. Superfish

    i’d be a true idiot if i posted as #7 and said FIRST! but since FISH isn’t saying anything funny…FIRST!!

  8. srg

    guess that’s what happens to your brain after surviving a tsunami by hanging on to a palm tree

  9. The_Squizz

    The spreading of Paris Plague continues.

  10. Berlin

    a true hollywood social climber.

  11. Pope

    Maybe Paris’ love juice has an alluring smell, after all James Blunt banged Paris too.

  12. LeeLee

    oh good- now when does her sex tape come out?

  13. You know…I dated a syringe full of syphilis once…charming individual

  14. Forget syphilis, that snatch has Genital Rabies.

  15. lambman

    Are you surprised? She’s only famous because she’s a tsunami survivor, now that nobody cares about tsunami’s thanks to Katrina she’s trying to date her way to fame. And clearly its working because you’re reporting on it.

  16. Wow. This is a way bigger pain than just logging into TypeKey.

  17. BarbadoSlim

    Who’s the russian tranny?

  18. captain obvious

    I don’t know…the girl just looks to me like she’s got one too many chromosomes going on. So that would explain the taste in men. Although, not that I would touch Stavros with a 10 ft pole since Paris was with him, but I kind of find him somewhat sexy, espc w/ the shorter hair. So sue me. James Blunt, on the other hand…duhduhduh! Looks like some geek from my high school days.

  19. WTH is wrong with her filtrum (upper lip)? She’s got a huge horizontal crease in it. Maybe that’s a palm tree scar.

  20. BarbadoSlim

    I don’t know what it is about all these post-communist eastern european skanks, they all look kind of abused and fucked-up, that in addition to being a horde of gold-diggers.

  21. cunnybrook

    #14 – Gross. Both your comment and the massively mammaried woman on your website.

  22. GreatRack

    Good god… And I was thankful the Tsunami didn’t get her….

  23. mrs.t

    Paris, Lindsay, and now this? Stavros is never gonna get the stanky off his hangdown.

    And she has Survivor’s Guilt, now trying to fuck herself to death.

  24. titsonsnack

    She’s a model? She looks like a chubby, fug Natalie Portman.

  25. Plastic Sturgeon

    @20: I disagree with you, apart from the comment about them being gold-diggers.

    However is serves the 53 year-old, bald, fat, assistant manager of Sear’s, right, who sends away for her.

  26. wedgeone

    Very true, she has a bad case of survivor guilt. On a first date, while sitting on the couch together watching a movie, you could take a kernel of popcorn, slide it up her ass, and then put it in her mouth, and she’d smile and chew politely. You might want to get the kissing over with before that.

  27. Chauncey Gardner

    Famous chicks are all fucking nuts. And, given the actions of some of these choicest of specimens, I think we are rapidly approaching a stupid famous chick apocalypse that will wipe out all mankind.

    In other news of the apocalypse, Jerry Falwell is dead! YEAH!

  28. The superfish guy is on coke

    Leave this girl alone! She gives all us average looking guys a glimmer of hope. If these ugly fucks can score a hot babe then we should be able to!

  29. whoneedsenemies

    At least she doesn’t have a cheeto tan or connect the dot freckles.

  30. NicotineEyePatch

    That’s not a rebound, that’s a slow descent into sexual self-destruction.

    Uh – Jerry Falwell is dead????? Was it painful, or at least lonely?

  31. Plastic Sturgeon

    @#28: No she doesn’t unless you father is in the Forbes 400. A lot of people don’t realize that James Blunt is not only a “musician”; he comes from a posh family.

    Not sayin’ she a gold-digger….

  32. GreatRack

    She just happens to like men with lots and lots of means….Back to the Eastern Bloc chick thing again… No watered down Borscht for this biatch…

    Falwells death was probably a little painful until he passed out… Then the train ride to Hades was on its way…

    Burn baby burn…

  33. Sj

    Everybody gets Paris leftovers.

    Geez everyone is turning into a Paris Hilton wannabe like there isn’t evnough Paris in the world.

  34. LeeLee

    Getting Paris leftovers doesn’t make someone a Paris wannabe… it’s just because there’s A LOT of leftovers

  35. this chick is like the luckist
    bitch alive
    and shez going to risk gettin
    pariz’z germz
    her brain must be fried from
    the sun…

  36. schack

    Hey ‘Slim how’s it hanging? Long time.
    Consider yourself lucky if you could get close enough to smell her. Are you feeling lucky today?

  37. She’s so sweet looking…shame to lose her to the Paris scourge.

  38. [Xenu]

    What a dumb bitch she is. This is proof that pretty chicks are gullible, ‘cept for me of course.

  39. uagfdkkygfa

    there wouldn’t be a difference between dating a syringe or stravros

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  41. MrSemprini

    Of course she has bad taste in men. I’m taken!
    Rowr, baby!

  42. BarbadoSlim

    Why don’t you suck on my Balenciaga nutsack “BoBo” and go fuck your fabulous self you spamming piece o’shit.

  43. bearandbu


  44. Plastic Sturgeon

    @#40: Balenciaga was OK a few seasons ago. If I wanted to look like a scary Olsen twin, I would ask. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Either way, stop being a loser and spamming.

  45. hendero67

    wow, the only way she could stoop lower would be start dating Bobo or buying one of his frickin’ purses

  46. Kate

    Eh, let her date whoever she wants…as long as she’s not pulling an Angelina, who cares?

  47. pudella

    Maybe she just dates guys who will distract her from the thought that she lost the love of her life in that tsunami.

  48. jonathan dam

    yo i’m way better looking then that guy

  49. jonathan dam

    i once met a gurl on a train see called me over so she most of loved me or sumthin i’m a bum in new york city i wanna know if she wants to meet again on the queensboro bridge that day before vma awards if you read this i’ll meet you but i only left cause i was just testin if you loved me or not so i’ll play it to the bone meet me there again i’ll tell you what time i’ll hit you back up if its fate for me and you ok love real soon let me get that funny feelin first

  50. She’s no gold digger. She’s probably richer than this dude.

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