Petra Nemcova and James Blunt hate their fans

February 26th, 2007 // 70 Comments

Last Friday in Los Angeles James Blunt and Petra Nemcova reportedly ran over a guy’s foot who was trying to get their autograph. According to witnesses Blunt and Nemcova then drove off without even checking to see if the injured fan was okay (he wasn’t, he was rolled away on a gurney).

I’m guessing they didn’t bother checking on the guy because they were both too busy trying to figure out why or how they were with the other person. No matter how many times I see Petra Nemcova and James Blunt together I’m never gonna understand it. My brain just can’t comprehend why she would choose to be with him. I might as well be looking at a picture of a dog walking a person. Dogs don’t walk people! It’s crazy!


  1. biatcho


  2. carlogo


    As confusing as this union may be, it’s still doesn’t match the headscratcher of Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova. In fact, Ric Ocasek and any woman with sight is a headscratcher.

  3. -Stormy.

    YIKES… what the F is she doing?

  4. carlogo

    Damn! Second! Then fourth!

  5. Another loving Czech woman.

  6. Meritocrat

    Who are these people?

    It’s really sad when people say “First!” and they’re not even first. It’s like a high schooler bragging to her friends that she made the color guard, but she didn’t.

  7. lambman

    weird, that’s the story I used for my anticlown application…its like I’m psychic

    if there’s a post on Bette Midler calling Lohan a slut we’ll know the “looking for new writers” means they need a story idea hehehe

  8. holy mother of god in heaven and on earth at the exact same time.

    talk about a real no-talent ass clown…

  9. renestel

    Okay, random I know, but check out the random chick’s clamstrip knee cap in the third picture far right

  10. cactusman

    It must be tough when your biggest claim to fame is that you didn’t get killed in a tsunami.

  11. danielle

    James Blunt has had one song that I know of. The song where he stalks a chick on the subway and basically is a creepy bastard.

    Glad to know they keep playing that stupid song at weddings.

  12. brujeriadiosa



  13. Defcon

    Her dress is so shiny.

    And I guess they didn’t notice, or maybe they’re assholes.

  14. One word: WTF?

  15. Juliabella

    He’s trying to act cool, but his “can you fuckin believe it???” eyes give him away.

  16. sweetsassymoleassy

    I went to Ocean City NJ this past summer and this chick signed like a dozen autographs and pictures for some random restaurant – they were all over the wall…
    So basically, Jersey boardwalk “publicity” is worth more of Petra’s time than assisting a fan whose foot she just broke…
    It’s a sad, sad world

  17. Aura

    Petra Nemcova is an attention-whore. She’ll last as long as the camera keeps panning on that dude in award shows.

  18. danielle

    Petra Nemcova is an accomplished tennis player. She is the first Russian female to attain the #1 ranking in the world.

  19. TrippyGoogler

    She’s hot but obviously still fucked up from banging her head against that tree in the tsunami. That’s the only conceivable explanation why she lets that twisted little British troll put his pee-pee in her.

  20. NipsyHustle

    i think she looks like a super sexy chipmunk.

  21. mrs.t

    #20: that’s exactly right. Every time I see a pic of her making that googoo smile, I try to put my finger on which small woodland creature she resembles.

  22. biatcho

    Holy cow! I got FRIST and I didn’t even know it. Wow, I am stealth. Universe, you’ve done it again!

  23. BarbadoSlim

    Uh, I’m drawing a blank here, I don’t know who the fuck these two buttholes are.

  24. CarnieWilson

    Wow the next thing you know he’ll be drugging Petra with oxycontin and viagra, oh wait he already has…James Blunt is EVIL

  25. karifarrell

    #23 Eh, they’re just buttholes….they’d be better off putting up a picture of you and me and making up a sweet story….you know, random people

  26. woodhorse

    This isn’t ANYWHERE NEAR AS FUNNY as the photo of the guy whose foot they ran over which is on Dlisted. You should have run both photos, Fish. I mean, this guy is really PISSED. Imagine having to be famous for that shit.

  27. JungleRed

    Czech women must all be blind or they’re taught from birth to hitch their wagon to a guy with money. No matter how toll-like he might be. Isn’t Trump’s wife Czech, too?

  28. TheColombian

    This is what scientists call the “steve nash syndrome”. Pretty women who date short hairy men based on the size of their wallets…oh i’m sorry, I meant all whores in Hollywood. Carry on.

  29. Bambella

    He is British, he more than likely has a very large schlong. She went thru the trama of the tsunami a few years back. a big one and a head injury, mystery solved.

  30. thestraightshooter

    I know it’s cool to come out here and purposely pretend not to know the celebs in the stories, but seriously…

    Who the fuck is James Blunt?

    And with a name like that, why isn’t he more cool?

  31. Mick

    eh, She’s okay.. I wouldn’t use the word Hot but she’s alright.
    As for him though, He’s a freak of nature. Seriosuly, He is so ugly it’s almost sad. I usually find british guys to be the best looking ones but this guy is nasty.
    Plus, this is the most dressed up I’ve ever seen him look. He always wears jeans tee-shirt and motorcycle jacket. He’s a loser and his music is shit.

  32. Misty

    I think he’s hotter than hell but she’s a butterface. Nice body butterface! Seriously she is a moon face.

    As for running some dumbass over, with that camera around the guys neck he was not ‘just a fan’ he was papparizi. He is lucky James wasn’t driving a tank.

  33. rockdust

    Oh, I hope the guy sues Blunt for every cent he’s ever made off that suck-ass song, “You’re Beautiful”. His voice just makes me cringe like hearing nails on a chalkboard.

  34. Thomas the Wrapper

    who the fuck is that butthole and why is she with him? She must’ve hit her head on that tre harder than they let on; I think she’s damaged or at lest blind. I love how no matter who the woman is, there’s always some chick on here who will comment she’s not that hot. Sure honey.

  35. 29. Your comment seems to imply that to be British is to be well-hung. I believe your statement to be non sequitur. Blunt is as likely hung like a bug.

    Nemcova broke her pelvis in the tsunami, and hung on to a palm tree for 8 hours to live, but she had no head injury.

    Logic does not offer a convenient explanation. Yes, a woman hot enough to make your eyes hurt is willingly having sex with a hobbit.

  36. popegoestheweasel

    To me it looks like she’s storing nuts in her cheeks for winter.

    Hey maybe it’s his nuts, that’s why he whines so high on that song..makesya think.

  37. karifarrell

    Hey, well that guy who got his foot run over now has the ULTIMATE autograph!!!!
    A story he can tell for the rest of his life

  38. licklick

    She acts like a Czech version of Britney Spears…EuroTrash run amok on foreign shores.

  39. flanattack

    #18 What the hell are you smoking? She’s not even Russian, ya douche!

  40. crackmeup


  41. woodhorse

    He is not so bad, not great, but not fugly. Fugly is for CarrotTop and Brian Peppers. She is pretty but not terribly interesting looking…..

  42. EgoManiac

    Petra has more quality then every American female cunt put together. You just won’t find an American girl that looks or acts like her. It’s like trying to find a unicorn or leprechaun: it’s impossible.

  43. Conky

    I have no idea who that dude is but I think Petra is totally and completely gorgeous. I would love to meet her and when I say “meet her” I mean that I would like to put my penis in her stinky places, thanks.

  44. Stink

    I’d say something snarky, but pro wrestling’s on and I need to satisfy my latent homoerotic fantasies first.

  45. cheats on his girlfriends, looks like ass, sings like he got hit in the crotch, runs over fans…..WHY IS HE FAMOUS?!?!?!?!

  46. metaphor

    They just don’t belong together, it’s like someone has taken two seperate pictures and merged them together.
    She looks Hollywood he looks more Hollyoaks.

  47. aurealis

    Ahahahahah! Serves him right for being a fan of the Blunt. UGH.

  48. Proteon

    This entire “bit” works on the presumption that at some point in time, someone somewhere said “I am a Petra Nemcova and James Blunt fan”. I have a tough time imagining this.

  49. Rumgoat

    If James Blunt didn’t hate his fans he would stop singing.

  50. llllllllll

    I wish her long lost sunami fiance suddenly reappear and slap her with his soggy dick.

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